20+ weeks...

here we are, over half way there!!! unbelievable!! it's been a busy and crazy last few days! Friday was our brother, Matt's, birthday... we celebrated with a surprise birthday part for him, catered by Texas Roadhouse. it was SO much fun to hang out with our friends, celebrate him, and eat yummy food!!!  saturday morning, we attempted to sleep in... oddly enough, that doesn't happen as easily these days.  i woke up early, went thrifting (found some great deals for our girl!), then rob and i went shopping... pottery barn kids, baby depot, and carters were on our list. you can tell by that what's consuming our minds and hearts as of late ;)  then i headed into work for our second weekend of workshops, gave my presentation, then it was off to dinner (pool and football) with our franchisees! sunday, we headed to church and then registered at babiesRus... talk about overwhelming! sheesh. registering for our wedding was so fun... this was a bit more stressful...there's so many decisions! so thankful that i can add/delete online!! sunday afternoon we got to celebrate baby Rosenhahn (aka, baby girl's boyfriend, haha).  our friends Chris and Michelle are expecting their first in November! so exciting...it really seems almost everyone we know just had a baby or is expecting! i know its that stage of life our age group is in...but it's so fun :) i think i have 3 baby showers to attend, plus my own within the next month! late sunday night i came down with the stomach flu... i know, what the heck, right?! it was awful. from about 11pm sunday to 12pm monday i was either laying on the floor of the bathroom or had my little bucket next to me... miserable! i'm feeling much better today, but still only worked a half day... i'm exhausted! baby girl was not a fan... she was kicking me like crazy the first 2 times i got sick... then hid until the rest was over.  her daddy brought her home a surprise though... he went shopping and bought her her bedding/decor for her nursery!!! i swear it's almost like she knew what was up... she was kicking and twirling nonstop after that.  she's so adorable.

at 20 1/2 weeks.... i honestly can't get enough of her wiggles! she's so active and it never ceases to amaze me! i feel like i've plateaued in the baby bump growth for the past week or so.  it's definitely there, but i don't feel like it's getting any bigger for the time being.  i'm sleeping a lot better, as i'm closer to mastering the body pillow roll over without waking up EVERY time i roll over.  she let her daddy feel her moving for the first time... when i feel her moving constantly, i'll grab his hand and tell him to be patient... a couple days ago he said he felt vibrations!! i was like, yep, that's her! i know he'll be able to feel her easier before too long... i can feel her pretty consistently, but i know that's because i'm also feeling her from the inside ♥ last night she had her feet and hands going... i was feeling little thumps on my left AND right side! she's such a hoot! we've thrown a few names around lately, as we hadn't even started talking names until we found out she was a she ;) ... i think i "know" what we should name her, but Rob is still on the fence as to if he likes it... we agree on another name that we both like, but i'm still hoping he comes around or starts liking my top pick.  hopefully we will be announcing her name before too long...i can't wait to start calling her something besides, baby girl.

she got her first round of applause this past weekend... as i announced to our visiting franchisees that we found out we are having a girl... and she received her first official gift from one of our master zee's, his wife, and office staff! i'm telling you, this girl is already so spoiled! oh, and her auntie kimmy also sent her the CUTEST tiniest outfit in the mail... her first mail ♥ i can't stop awwwing at those tiny leggings!!! i love how loved she is already!!!

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