18 weeks.

the bathroom mirror selfie, i swore i'd never take...
if i ever post a bare belly pic, then we'll know i've lost it ;) 
here we are at 18weeks, heading in to week 19.  time is flying by and baby T is growing every day! we had a doctor's appointment on friday... just a quick check.  it went well! our doctor said that the baby's heartbeat was, once again, really strong.  she also said i was looking great and my weight gain of 3lbs was perfect! i was looking forward to hearing how much weight i had gained, since baby T is making quite the front and center debut... and i just feel myself getting wider! but 3lbs... honestly, my weight fluctuates that much from week to week any how... so i was happy with that!

after our appointment on friday, Grandma T (rob's mom) took baby T shopping! once again, this kid is so spoiled already!! between early gifts from my parents and rob's... the baby really has all the "big" things that we see as necessities.  i'd still like to pick up a swing and of course we will register for tons of other medium to small items... but so far we have the bed and mattress, stroller and car seat, pack-n-play, rock & play sleeper, bouncy seat, bumbo seat with tray; not to mention a few books and a good start on our diaper stock pile.... oh and a few gender neutral clothing pieces - my favorite is a onsie that says, "i think my dad is batman". ♥

we are counting down the days til september 19th! only a week and a half til we get to start picking a name and making the final cut for nursery decor! i'm so anxious to find out if baby T is a boy or a girl! people keep asking us if we have names picked out or if we want a boy or girl... honestly, we don't discuss it much.  i know we will once we know... but it is going to be so nice going into that ultrasound without any expectation as to what we "want" or "think".  our little miracle is going to be perfect, no matter what! ♥

the little one keeps me laughing with how active he/she is! if i'm patient and still, i can feel the little light kicks by placing my hand where i'm feeling the movement from the inside. it really is amazing! nothing new really on the symptom front... my hips still bug me a few times a week.  still loving just about all food... except, Rob made tuna sandwiches the other night (which are normally my favorite... put some potato chips on top of the tuna... oh man, yum!)... but i opened the fridge and smelled the tuna and about lost it! it still "sounded" good to me though, so i took a bite and nope... no tuna for me that night, ha! baby T seems to love spicy food like me! so glad it doesn't seem to bother him/her...since its my favorite! :)


besides baby news... this weekend was a great one! we celebrated our sister-in-law, Leah's, birthday on saturday! the girls went and got pedicures and had a relaxing afternoon... so nice! today was a pretty normal day, slept in then went to church.  after the service, our church had a bbq... now, not sure if i've mentioned this before, but our church is huge! so, needless to say, the typical church bbq can be a bit chaotic ;) but still fun! ♥  this week starts a unbelievably busy month for me! our corporate office just relocated, the end of last week AND our workshops start this coming weekend... so that means i'm busy EVERY weekend until about mid October.  it will be tons of fun and i enjoy teaching, so (even though i still need to prepare... for being such a planner i'm such a procrastinator!)... i'm looking forward to helping franchisees with my presentations over the next few weekends.  not to mention, throwing in there somewhere our anniversary, a few birthdays, doctor's appointments, friends and family visiting from out of state, registering and well... just normal life.  kind of hoping this pregnancy fatigue will go on a hiatus for a few weeks and give this momma a break! i have a feeling my next few weeks are going to look like this... wake up. go to work. come home. go to sleep. repeat. i guess that means the middle of October will be here before we know it and then my parents will be here the last weekend of October... AND baby T's shower will be here too! fun things are ahead!

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