17 1/2 weeks!

Almost to 18weeks! Can't believe it!! As I woke up this morning to a lopsided baby belly that was rock hard, I couldn't help but giggle!!! I could almost see where the baby was! I grabbed my Doppler, and sure enough... There he/she was!! It was definitely one of those aw moments ♥ my bump is now symmetrical again and not looking as much like something from an alien movie, HA!

This week has been a little more challenging. My hips are expanding (thank god, because there was no way a baby was fitting if they didn't!) and it hurts!! I wake up several times in the night with a numb legs and a hurting hips... And laying on them makes it worse.   And the round ligament pain... I pretty much feel like I've done the world's largest ab workout constantly. But again, through the ouchiness, I can't help but be thankful. It all means God is preparing my body! 

Baby T went camping for the first time last weekend! He/she was calm and still all weekend, letting mommy relax and enjoy the weekend... So courteous ;) but man, as soon as we got home and Rob and I curled up in bed to watch our shows...baby T was apparently taking place in a gymnastic marathon!! Flips and turns and light little kicks. It really is my favorite... We'll see if I'm still saying that when I'm getting them to the ribs, HA! 

Grandma & Pap Stratton bought baby T his/her carseat/stroller combo this week, as well as a couple boxes of diapers to start our stock pile! My cousin stock piled diapers before her baby was born in July. She has enough diapers and wipes for her sons first year! How amazing!! So much better to start spending the $ now when we see good deals, rather than later when there will be other stuff I'd rather be spending on or saving! I'm all about planning and especially planning ahead! (*ahem* cough, control freak!). But anyway!! Sooo excited about the new stroller/carseat!!! We went with a gender neutral design so that we can use it with the next bambino as well :) we will do the same for almost everything, besides nursery decor and clothes of course! Everything we've bought so far is gender neutral... So pretty excited to buy boy or girl things soon!!!

Baby bump wise... It keeps growing!! Still wearing normal pants with the occasional maternity tshirt! So not much has changed in that dept this week. We have a drs appointment this Friday! I'm also hoping to schedule our anatomy scan for the end of this month! The waiting is driving me a bit batty! Some days I'm totally on the boy train... Some days I'm convinced its a girl. Most people are guessing girl. I will be overjoyed with either... I just think it would be so fun for Rob to have a boy :) but it will be a lot of fun watching him be wrapped around a little girls finger too... Either way, he's already a fabulous daddy!!! ❤

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