hello 21weeks!

it's so weird to have more time behind me than in front of me until i get to hold my sweet little gal!!! i really do think i fall more and more in love with this baby everyday, with every kick and punch or ache and pain... she steals my heart over and over!
today, i'm a little over 21 weeks... headed for 22.  we had an eventful weekend! i got a break from workshops this weekend...our last one is this coming weekend.  one of rob's long time best friends came and visited this weekend. they had a lot of fun hiking and just hanging out! i know rob was sad to see him head back to CA yesterday.  in other news, Jack is here... finally... here to stay!!! he got everything squared away in CA and drove out here for good yesterday.  it honestly pulls at my heart a bit that our chapter in CA has officially closed.  a lot of amazing memories our tied to those homes... maybe that will be my throwback thursday post soon ;) anyway... also this past weekend, Kathy and I stopped by a HUGE baby/kids consignment sale... a whole exhibition center FILLED with baby things! it was amazing & overwhelming, but we got some great deals! i got a few outfits for our girl, a carseat cover for those cold winter days, and a crib toy that i had been wanting for her!... all for eleven bucks! huge score!

i mentioned last week that i felt like the bump had slowed down... well, i swear she grew overnight this weekend!! i can almost feel her moving higher... which who knew that was even possible, as i was already carrying her high.  my ribs are starting to expand as well (at least my hips are getting a break).  you will see me stretching from side to side trying to relieve some expanding ouchiness. she continues to keep me laughing at how active she is! it's so cute! she seems to have figured out the day vs. night thing lately... so nice! she was waking me up at night with how active she is... now she seems to sleep or at least hang out in the back during the night.  as soon as my feet hit the ground she's awake and kicking her little feet!
one of our guys turned in a request to me for some time off in March... it stopped me in my tracks, as i thought, wow... i will be on my maternity leave when he's gone :) so very excited!!! everyone keeps telling me it flies by here on out! i can't wait to hold my precious baby! ♥ 

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a glimplse back...

i took a second today and read over some of my old blog entries. what a trip. it's one reason i love blogging/journaling.  you get to see vividly. right there in front of you. in black and white... your journey.  as i read an entry i couldn't help but be a bit emotional...

this entry here!

please keep in mind a month prior to that entry, we had lost a sweet baby to a miscarriage.  it rocked my world, my beliefs, and basically just the way i looked at life.  it changed me. 

what about made me loose it emotionally after reading this entry... i looked up at the date. the 25th of May.  FIVE days later, the 30th, is when I got my first positive pregnancy test letting us know that we were expecting our sweet, perfect, baby girl. i remember writing this entry and honestly wondering if motherhood was in my future.  it is amazing and awesome to me that even while i was writing that, pouring my heart out, God was forming this precious baby.  ♥

just a reminder, that when you think hope might possibly be lost...chances are God's already working on his next miracle!

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20+ weeks...

here we are, over half way there!!! unbelievable!! it's been a busy and crazy last few days! Friday was our brother, Matt's, birthday... we celebrated with a surprise birthday part for him, catered by Texas Roadhouse. it was SO much fun to hang out with our friends, celebrate him, and eat yummy food!!!  saturday morning, we attempted to sleep in... oddly enough, that doesn't happen as easily these days.  i woke up early, went thrifting (found some great deals for our girl!), then rob and i went shopping... pottery barn kids, baby depot, and carters were on our list. you can tell by that what's consuming our minds and hearts as of late ;)  then i headed into work for our second weekend of workshops, gave my presentation, then it was off to dinner (pool and football) with our franchisees! sunday, we headed to church and then registered at babiesRus... talk about overwhelming! sheesh. registering for our wedding was so fun... this was a bit more stressful...there's so many decisions! so thankful that i can add/delete online!! sunday afternoon we got to celebrate baby Rosenhahn (aka, baby girl's boyfriend, haha).  our friends Chris and Michelle are expecting their first in November! so exciting...it really seems almost everyone we know just had a baby or is expecting! i know its that stage of life our age group is in...but it's so fun :) i think i have 3 baby showers to attend, plus my own within the next month! late sunday night i came down with the stomach flu... i know, what the heck, right?! it was awful. from about 11pm sunday to 12pm monday i was either laying on the floor of the bathroom or had my little bucket next to me... miserable! i'm feeling much better today, but still only worked a half day... i'm exhausted! baby girl was not a fan... she was kicking me like crazy the first 2 times i got sick... then hid until the rest was over.  her daddy brought her home a surprise though... he went shopping and bought her her bedding/decor for her nursery!!! i swear it's almost like she knew what was up... she was kicking and twirling nonstop after that.  she's so adorable.

at 20 1/2 weeks.... i honestly can't get enough of her wiggles! she's so active and it never ceases to amaze me! i feel like i've plateaued in the baby bump growth for the past week or so.  it's definitely there, but i don't feel like it's getting any bigger for the time being.  i'm sleeping a lot better, as i'm closer to mastering the body pillow roll over without waking up EVERY time i roll over.  she let her daddy feel her moving for the first time... when i feel her moving constantly, i'll grab his hand and tell him to be patient... a couple days ago he said he felt vibrations!! i was like, yep, that's her! i know he'll be able to feel her easier before too long... i can feel her pretty consistently, but i know that's because i'm also feeling her from the inside ♥ last night she had her feet and hands going... i was feeling little thumps on my left AND right side! she's such a hoot! we've thrown a few names around lately, as we hadn't even started talking names until we found out she was a she ;) ... i think i "know" what we should name her, but Rob is still on the fence as to if he likes it... we agree on another name that we both like, but i'm still hoping he comes around or starts liking my top pick.  hopefully we will be announcing her name before too long...i can't wait to start calling her something besides, baby girl.

she got her first round of applause this past weekend... as i announced to our visiting franchisees that we found out we are having a girl... and she received her first official gift from one of our master zee's, his wife, and office staff! i'm telling you, this girl is already so spoiled! oh, and her auntie kimmy also sent her the CUTEST tiniest outfit in the mail... her first mail ♥ i can't stop awwwing at those tiny leggings!!! i love how loved she is already!!!

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sugar & spice & everything nice!

what an amazing week we've had!! wednesday we celebrated 3 amazing years of marriage! and then today we found out we are having the most precious, perfect, baby girl!! ♥

Our Anniversary: we had a wonderful day together.  we had decided awhile back that we weren't doing anything for one another for our anniversary... we were just saving our money.  we planned on going out to dinner and just having an intentional evening celebrating our relationship.  well, tuesday night we decided to go out for wings... on the way to b-dubs the hubs handed me a velvet jewelry bag... i opened it up to see the prettiest heart necklace, lined in black and white diamonds. LOVVVE it! i gave rob credit for being so sly to giving me an anniversary gift not actually on our anniversary.... thennnn, on wednesday before we headed out for our dinner reservations, he handed me two more bags.  one with 2 pairs of earrings the other with a ring that matched my necklace... wowzerz, this guy!!! he spoils me so much! we had a wonderful dinner and a great time just talking and spending time together!

TODAY! today, we headed to our doctor's office for our anatomy ultrasound.  the u/s tech asked us if we wanted to know, we said YES! she then proceeded to go over all of the baby's anatomy... looking at the heart, brain, lungs, and limbs.  she said baby T looks PERFECT... she kept oooing and awwing on how CUTE our baby is.  i'm sure she does this with all ultrasounds, but we agree ;)  so, yep, rob was right! we are having a GIRL!!! she weighs a whole 11ounces and everything is measuring right on track! we got a few different profile pictures, pictures of her little legs and feet, the all too obvious gender shot, her back/spine, and a head on face shot. she amazingly held fairly still for us to get some good pictures of her... she kicked her little legs a couple times, but rather than that she held super still for her photo shoot ♥

our little princess has been quite the character this week as she keeps thumping around inside of me... her newest trick this week was showing off her hiccup skills! she woke me up bright and early on wednesday morning with a constant thump, thump... it was the cutest and most wonderful thing.  it had me giggling!!! we are already so in love with her!! it's truly amazing to see such a beautiful and perfect being that is forming and growing inside of me... i'm so blessed!!!!

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let's take a little walk....

in honor of our anniversary today, i just wanted to take a minute and post some of my favorite pictures/memories of our special day.... enjoy!

getting ready... ♥

my "moms" :)

my Mel... ♥

prayer with the ladies before walking down the isle... thanking God for our perfect day!


Rob and his guys!

flying V? ;)

this moment right here is why I was able to walk down the isle with the biggest smile on my face and not cry... we hadn't really thought through they whole, one person holding the door not working thing... i basically had to duck under Donald's arm. it was priceless!! so thankful for this... i now remember every second of walking down the isle and the look on Rob's face!

exchanging our private vows to "when i say i do" by matthew west... priceless. 

men. take note. fist pump as you're walking down the isle. it will make your wife's... LIFE!

this picture is so us. so much more than the posed, staged pics!

again, just us, being us... not posed. ♥ my favorites!

of course they were a part of our day!

a lot of special people!! our family!

♥ us, matt, leah, & levi ♥

walking in to our reception...

then we danced...

little convo with the girls...

our table for 2

apparently we didn't let go of each other's hand all day... i don't remember, but here's proof!

no cake... just Hawaiian shaved ice

one of my absolute favorites!

happily ever after.....

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countdown, T-minus three days!!

so, remember how i said we hadn't talked about boy or girl... and we were trying not to form expectations or opinions...

well. that ended last night. the hubs broke ;) HA! out of nowhere, right in the middle of the bronco's game, he blurts out, "i know what we're having". my response... "what??!!!". you see, i've been asking him for some time now if he had any feelings toward this subject. he's always denied it... last night it came bubbling out, hahaha, and i loved it! although, (of course) we disagree.  if i had to guess, i'd say babyT is a boy.  i learned a long time ago though that Rob is usually right, so...

he's so sure he said we could go shopping and buy girl stuff if i wanted to!

so we shall see... rob is team pink, i'm team blue. of course we are going to be overjoyed no matter who is "right".  ♥

.... is it Thursday yet????

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...it's all worth it, my friend. here's to 3 fabulous years!

Rob and I are celebrating 3 years of marriage on Wednesday, September 18th! On one hand it doesn't seem that we have even been together that long... seems like we started dating yesterday. But on the other, it also seems like forever, as it seems that he's always been my other half, a part of me. I cannot imagine life without him, nor do I want to. He truly is my best friend in this world. My soul. My heart... a part of me!

We have both grown and learned SO much over the past 3 years. It's truly amazing how God takes two individuals, brings them together, and makes them one.  Sure, when we were dating we were compatible in almost every way.  It was so surprising to me that we still had so much to learn about one another and about
ourselves. Marriage has a way of pointing out the ugly in yourself.  Our spouses are truly our mirrors... it's fun when the reflection is good, but ouch... sometimes its not so great!

I just wanted to journal a few things that Rob, along with God, have shown me over the years or that I have learned about marriage or myself in general, in hopes to hold on to these over the years... as, really, I learn something new everyday!

• marriage is real life. it isn't all fairy tales and unicorns. it isn't the movies. it's hard. it's work, but every second is worth it!

• say you're sorry. even if you feel like it was all his fault. it isn't a competition (we still struggle with this, because we are both SO competitive!!!).  it's amazing how fast you can learn and move on after an apology.

• being a "good wife" or a "godly wife" doesn't come naturally... it takes effort, intention, and a lot of God's help... And I continue to fall short on a daily basis!

• show your appreciation. praise your spouses strengths... even their weaknesses! 

• God truly did not intend for man (or woman) to be alone. I depend on my husband in many ways... and for someone who is, by nature, very independent and has always had a "i'll do it myself attitude"... this is true irony. it's not just the "stuff" he does for me... but the togetherness i depend on as well.  he is truly my other half. i miss him when we aren't together.

• i'm imperfect. i married an imperfect person.  this is where grace comes in! there are and will be moments we let each other down, but it's important to love one another's intentions and efforts...not the actual result.

• we are different. this was a big shocker to me. as silly as it sounds, he and i are SO much alike that it took me a bit to realize we are different people and respond in different ways.  after i stopped expecting him to respond as i would or do things i would... it made life a lot easier!

• destruction doesn't happen in a day, or even in a second... it's the slivers of temptation or even lack of grace, that allow the enemy to squeeze in and cause havoc in a marriage. be intentional every day to protect the precious union i've been blessed with!

• my husband deserves my best. my life circumstances, such as a bad day at work shouldn't dictate my personality, integrity, and especially not the amount of love and passion i put into my marriage. (i struggle with this one).

• when rob and i exchanged our vows we became OUR family.  our extended family and friends shouldn't come before US and what God has for us.

• my marriage is not about me, it’s about the Lord!

• learn contentment when life doesn’t go according to my plan.  (Still learning this one!)

• as a Godly wife,  i need a boatload of trust in the Lord for all aspects of my life.

I just wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of us over the years... our little journey through the lens...

us. before we were us.  not sure what is happening here...but i know we are at a little bar beach front Newport, that we use to go and shoot pool at... my guess, i just beat him... again ;) ha! it's a pretty good depiction of how happy this man has always made me and how much fun we have when we're together! Spring 2008

a Tisthammer family bbq... right after we officially became Us. really, everyone deserves someone that looks at them the way he's looking at me in this picture. sigh....  September 2008

pretty self explanatory... we have a lot of goofy fun together! Spring 2009

♥ one of our weekends at the Crystal Cove beach cottage. February 2009

August 2009, we had almost been an Us for a year... he still makes me smile like that!

our beatles rock band party with our friends ♥

dancing the night away at Matt & Leah's wedding... August 2009. our first trip to the springs together ♥

our engagement. he proposed to me down that little road, right on the creek bank. perfection! April 2010.

♥ angel kisses.

we had a lot of fun our first year of marriage! one of my favorite summers of my life!!! we went out a lot and made the most of our last summer in CA! ♥ summer 2011.


The OC Fair, summer 2011.

my Birthday at Disneyland, December 2011.

really, this picture really captures the happiness and perfection of our wedding day!! ♥

Our First Anniversary, September 2011
Our 2nd Anniversary, September 2012

Christmas Tree farm with our bugs, 2011

our trash the dress session before we left CA; April 2012

January 2012 ♥ Dinner at Orange Hill

one of my all time favorites!
Camping, May 2012

Christmas 2012, at the Broadmor

October Sunset date on the beach. ♥ 
nerd love ♥ Valentines Day 2012

he's mine forever. i'm one blessed girl!!! 

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