throwback thursday, blog style, vol 5

I can't believe it's almost September!! September use to be a pretty blah month for us... not really summer, not really fall... not any holidays.  A few family birthdays, but that's about it.  Until 3 years ago :)

We will celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary this year and coincidentally, we also became an "us" in September of 2008, so I suppose we could also celebrate 5 years as well. ♥

Around this time in 2010 we were in full swing, planning and anticipating our big day.  We were both so low key when it came to our wedding.  I only got a little crazy about one thing... my dress.  I found THE one I wanted early on... i say early on, but in reality we were only engaged 5 months. So, when I found THE dress and the smallest size they carried was a 2 & was still too big; there was no time for alterations or to order one.  Well, just like everything else, God had his hand in this as well.  I was pretty bummed until my mom suggested looking for a "used" one of the same dress or trying to find another designer that made a similar one.  Once I started googling, I found THE dress being sold by a girl who had, as she said, "changed her mind"... hoping on the dress, not the marriage ;).  AND it was the PERFECT size! I was on cloud nine and SO happy to be wearing my perfect dress on our perfect day! So, rather than that, we kept things simple.  We knew we wanted family and friends there, and that was really all we cared about. 

Here are a few pictures from when my parents came to visit that summer to help us plan our wedding and pick out my dress.... & take engagement pics :)

I just LOVED all of our engagement pictures! What a fun day down at Crystal Cove... Kathy just following us around with a camera, capturing us being US! Priceless! 


i LOVE this one of the three of us. so typical.

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