throw back thursday, blog style, vol. 4

I recently answered a question poll online, that asked, "How long have you and your husband been together (friends+dating+marriage)?"  

My answer left me saying, "wow".  Rob and I first met in 2004 and became friends not too long after.  So, we were friends for 4 years, dated for 2, and we've almost been married for 3.  NINE. This took me on a little trip down memory lane....

... & the tree climbing.
I'm fairly certain, this is Thanksgiving 2005.  Little did I know how many Thanksgivings and holidays I would celebrate with the Tisthammers in the upcoming years.  wow, we both look so very young.  I believe this might have been the family gathering where the Tisthammer/Kolb family taught me how to play pinochle.  Rob and I still make great pinochle partners... now he yells at me though when I don't play the right cards... my how times have changed!!! 
Dean stayed with me for quite a few months in 2006.  The three of us had some great times.  Easter eggs, climbing trees, The Matrix, Malarkey's or was it McKlarens? who really knows.  These boys were/are a lot of fun!

Another hang out night, playing games with Dean-o and Robbie.  Pretty sure Rob was pretending he was Neo in this picture... pretty typical!

In 2007, Rob moved to Missouri. Not too long after he moved I started going through some pretty tough personal stuff. We lost touch for awhile, until he moved back the end of 2007. He pretty much re-acclimated into the group of friends I had at the time, and it was as if no time had passed! He'd come over and hang out with me and my roommates... most nights led to karaoke and silliness. It was always a good time!

March, 2008. Spring Training in AZ.  Rob wearing my kids size small Angels jersey.  He thought he was SOOO funny!

Honestly, after that Spring Training trip, I think that's when I started wondering ...wondering, wow could this friendship be more? I hadn't hung out with Rob and his family for, gosh, probably over a year.  I definitely hadn't seen his AZ family in forever! Family has always been the most important to me... and being reminded that family was also one of his top priorities made me stop and wonder.  If you ask him, he says he always knew, HA! But I think for me, that was when I really had the thought of, this is a path I could go down.  Needless to say, we hung out a lot, even more than usual, after that.  Still pretty innocent, playing it cool ;)  We went to at least one Angel game per home series together that year.  I think I'll always have family and baseball to thank for bringing us together and "sealing the deal"... pretty poetic.

I just find it amazing, crazy, and truly God's plan that we got from this... to this.... God is SO good!!! .... 

May 2012, happily & blessed
November 2005, barely friends

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