.the bump. 15w part one.

it's now there. there's no hiding it... and quite frankly, when i was trying to "hide" the pooch...it made me feel so frumpy and well, HUGE! & really, no reason to hide it... everyone in our life has known for quite awhile now; the people that see me everyday have known since like week7! i finally gave in yesterday and broke out the belly band.  my pants still "fit"... when i say fit, i mean yes they button, but oh holy moley they are not comfortable.  i feel that my bump officially became a bump this week. before this week it was mostly the bloat or the food bulge that would come and go. now, it's not going anywhere. my dr warned me (& so has everyone else...) the smaller you are, the faster you show.  granted, true maternity pants are still a little too roomy for me... but i have found comfort in the belly band, my comfy-looser jeans, and maternity gathered side t-shirts.  i hesitated on the the actual maternity shirts until i put one on... SO much more flattering than trying to wear my looser fitting cute, flowie tops or my normal t-shirts, stretched over my bump leaving me looking like i had a six pack... and i don't mean the muscle kind!

so here i am, embracing my body changes... hello semi-maternity wear. ♥

**15w picture to come soon** :D

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