SweetT; 16weeks ♥

smack dab in the middle of 16 weeks... or in my 17th week, however you want to look at it ;) 16 1/2 weeks.

we are doing great! baby is a growin', that's for sure! non maternity clothes still fit... miraculously.  but just aren't that comfortable.  i'm wearing a lot of dresses these days! i'm still in the weird in between, where maternity pants are too big, but my regular ones are getting harder and harder to button... belly bands and hair ties are definitely my friend!  i've been blessed by a friend who loaned me two huge rubbermaid boxes of maternity clothes AND my sweet cousin, who just had a baby in July sent me FOUR boxes of her maternity clothes! so very blessed... and feel super lucky to have people in my life who wear the exact same size as me!... and have good taste in clothes ;) so needless to say, i'm looking forward to putting my new wardrobe to use.

i've been feeling our little peanut squirm for a few weeks now, but it wasn't every consistent... well, the past few days... holy moley.  i feel like he/she is just spinning and spinning... honestly if i focus on how much "spinning" is going on it almost makes me a little nauseous, HA! what started out as flutters that almost tickled from the inside has now turned into full on movement. i was laying on my side last night, with my hand under my little bump... trying to get back to sleep and actually felt my bump move. i love feeling our little active baby... so very cool! have a feeling we might have a born athlete on our hands!... just like mommy & daddy!! ♥

my hair and nails are growing at warp speed! the hair part i'm loving... not enjoying trimming my nails 2x a week...who has time for that?!

thankful for maxi-dresses!! ♥
in the event of being real... here goes the complaining, HA! still SO very tired.  this whole no belly/back sleeping thing is a hard adjustment for a belly sleeper! we picked me up a body pillow last week...but its way too fluffy.  it needs to calm down a bit for my taste. ...and this pregnancy congestion at night... so annoying.  i thought i was getting sick at first, then realized it was only during the night... and then i read that it's a common 'side effect' of pregnancy... something about the blood vessels swelling. lovely. ;)

i've also been able to go without caffeine a lot more.  i might have a sweet tea or half-caf starbucks just a few times a week...verses the daily need for caffeine.  i'm very happy about that.  even though my dr said no worries on the caffeine, i just don't feel ok about pouring mass quantities of it in my body for the baby. this past week, my craving has definitely been seafood! i had fish at red lobster and then we hit up our sushi place on saturday for some not completely raw sushi ;).  i really need to put that to rest for a bit, and eat a little more wisely.

also, Rob is doing great! he's been such a trooper through the hormones, the grumpiness, the cravings, the exhaustion and just being supportive! i really couldn't ask for more!

apparently baby T is the size of a turnip this week and can hear our voices!! which i find SO unbelievably cool!  all in all, i really am loving pregnancy! it's been pretty smooth sailing so far... SO thankful! we have our next doctors appointment next week... then only a 3-4 weeks til we find out whether we will be going blue or pink ♥

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