it's all about respect.

 it's a well known theory.  men are about respect. women are about the love and romance. honestly, i think it can go both ways. my feelings get hurt when i don't feel respected.  as i know rob's can when i've let the romance fizzle a bit.  but, no matter, i'm always looking for a practical way to put respect into words.  honestly, there's not a lot out there about respect... applications anyway.  there's a lot of respect based on submission, but i don't think that's always practical. don't get me wrong, i think wives have their certain roles of submission, but i don't think that looks like most people see it.

i ran across an article today that made me think... YES! this is it. this is what i've wanted to share with other women!  here it is!

the one i felt i could really identify with was #4....

4. Respect his intentions: Instead of assuming that he needs to be reminded, or doesn’t want to help you; assume the best. “Always assume the best and you will find it easier to show respect”. We have the power to use our moments to show how much we value our spouse, how much we trust them, and how much we “love” them through respect.

i'd say this is a downfall of mine.  it's not that i don't trust Rob or assume the best... it's just that i'm a little OCD at times and i'm a checker, HA! i like to make sure things are as they should be.  instead of just putting my trust in him that he's handled it.  i do think i'm getting better at this. mostly due to this pregnancy... i don't have the time or the energy to remind him or check on things.  but again, a practical application of respect that i had never considered.

anyway, just wanted to share that article with you all! let's love extra on our amazing hubbies and let them know how proud we are of them and how proud we are to be their wife! ♥

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