i miss mayberry... a trip down memory lane.

today i read through some blog posts that were 'drafts' that i never posted. i felt this one was post worthy. not sure why i didn't post it a few months ago! Crane, MO...it's changed a lot, but my memories are still there ♥

today i was catapulted back to my childhood, by a status on facebook, written by someone that my siblings and i grew up with.  he was referring to the old Main Street in the town i spent my childhood.  queue the mayberry music. i'm not kidding.
have i mentioned that i had a pretty picturesque childhood?! we are talking norman rockwell. 
these memories that are buried pretty deep... i don't ever want to forget.
obviously, this was from a lot longer ago than my time. but basically, this is what it looks like in my memory.  that drug store was in the same place. right where i got my ice cream cones after school.

this main street. 
typical small town. one strip.
shops on either side.

2 of these shops are etched in my memory

the dime store.
i'm fairly certain you could find all you wanted in this store... however, as a kid, i never saw past the candy isle.  to small, lil' ole me this isle seemed HUGE! and the candy was so cheap! pretty sure this is where my sweet tooth was developed!  not only was the candy special, but so were the workers.  these ladies loved to spoil me! who knows if i even every paid for any of that candy, HA! one of my best memories of this store was when i was 5. it was in December. i had formed a special relationship with one of my mom's dear friend's mothers... i even called her "me-maw" as well.  that day she was watching me for some reason... who knows, i probably asked to stay and hang out with her.  we grabbed cheeseburgers and at them in the back of the store.  this memory is etched in my mind... because not a week later she died of a heart attack.  yep. at 5 years old death became quite real to me.  the dime store wasn't ever the same for me.

Ritter's Drug Store.
bar stools. old soda fountain. again. picturesque!  like right out of a norman rockwell painting.
this was my favorite stop after school when i was kin k-5 thru around 3rd grade.  i'd run in and Bee would already be scooping my cone of chocolate chip ice cream! it was also right across the street from the town doctor (yes we only had one).  so anytime i was sick, we'd walk across the street to get my medicine and of course, an ice cream cone from Bee. 

I get pretty sad sometimes when I think that my kids won't grow up like this.  I often joke to Rob that we HAVE to move to a small town and buy a house on the middle of several acres,  so they can grow up like did.  I don't think he's buying it... Colorado Springs is "small town" to him ;) 

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