a late 13week update...

Wow, have we had a busy week! My brother, Greg, and his family arrived last week.  We had the best time with them! They left yesterday morning, & quite frankly, our house seems way too quiet without them! One would think, if you had six people staying in your home for a week, you would be a little happy to get your home back... we were so sad to see them go!

They arrived on Thursday and we immediately met at Pei Wei for dinner! After dinner the girls headed to a couple stores, shopping of course, and the boys headed home to play settlers of catan... they didn't waste any time! Friday, while I was working, Rob and the family headed to Red Rock Canyon! They had a great time climbing around and avoiding rattle snakes!

Rob's Birthday Cake, iced bunt cake turns out to look a lot like a donut!
That night we hung out at our house, Matt, Leah, the kids, and Kathy joined us all for dinner at our house and another night filled with fun, laughter, and games.  We woke up Saturday to celebrate Rob's birthday!! He had to work a few hours, so while he was at work Alex, Kory, & Katy climbed the incline with Matt and Leah while Connor and I went thrifting! Chic-fil-a was on the agenda for lunch and then we headed to our local bowling alley for some more family/birthday fun... celebrating Rob! That evening we headed over to Kathy's for Rob's birthday celebration... all of our local family and friends joined.  It was a great evening!!! We have the best family and friends!!  Everyone brought one of Rob's favorite foods.  We ate, laughed, danced... well, watched Levi dance, laughed some more, played games, and just enjoyed an evening of celebrating Rob!

Sunday, Rob had to work a few hours in the early morning, but the rest of us headed to breakfast before church.  It was such a treat to get to all go to church together!! After church we ran a few errands, but then hurried home so the guys and Katy could get ready for their camping/hike.  They headed out that afternoon and Kim and I started our girls evening! We went out to dinner at B.J's and then stopped at redbox for a couple of movies.  We spent the rest of our evening in our pj's munching on movie theater buttered popcorn and pb m&m's! It was great! Monday, we woke up, got around and met Kathy at babysRus to just look around and plan some "possibles" for babyT and then went out to lunch.  By the end of the day on Monday I was feeling pretty crummy... I was thinking this whole "easy" (2nd) trimester thing was a big joke! After all, my first trimester was cake... and here I was feeling awful! I felt bad, but I told Kim that I HAD to have a nap... after I woke up, I realized I was running a fever and my throat was killing me... so I called my doctor.  Thankfully, I already had an appointment scheduled for Tuesday.  The nurse told me to go ahead and come in that next morning as scheduled, and to take tylenol to keep my temperature down.  And the miserableness began!!!  I missed out on all the family fun on Tuesday...but made myself go to dinner with everyone Tuesday night... I wasn't about ready to miss hanging out with my family their last evening here!

Their big hike on Monday went well though... Well, in meaning they all returned safely! I think it was a lot harder than they all had suspected! Four mountains in about 8hrs!!! They're rockstars!! I'll have to post pictures of that here soon :)

Thankfully, I am blessed with a job that not only gave me Monday and Tuesday off to be with my family, but also let me have yesterday and today off to rest and be miserable at home! ♥ Despite my last few days of getting sick, it really has been the best week! Soooo Fun!!!

As far as in the baby world... things are going really well.  Of course I was so worried this week, as I was sick and how that would effect the baby... but my doctor assured me that I'm far enough along that it shouldn't hurt the baby!  She recorded his/her heartbeat at 170.  My doctor gushed about what a nice strong heart beat it was!! Baby T got more books this past weekend and Auntie Kimmy bought him/her their first swaddler!

I was so encouraged that the doctor thought the baby's heart was strong... and proven by a LOUD fast beat.  My prayer since day one has been for out baby to have a strong heart and mind for God.  Sounds like God is answering my prayers. ♥

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