.... 15weeks, part two.

People often ask me how I'm feeling or how the pregnancy is going... and without hesitation I always respond, "wonderfully" or "perfectly"... "couldn't be better", etc.  As I was talking to my sister today, I said, "I honestly can't complain... so far its been amazing"... I then went on to complain about round ligament pains, ever growing boobs (sorry but really they're out of control!!!), ever growing belly, uterus pressure, sleep issues, sleep discomfort, sleeplessness, and the list goes on... I then said, "wait, I'm not complaining..." hahaha.  And basically I've come to the conclusion, that in spite of all of that, this pregnancy has been delightful so far.  How is it that the joy of this amazing being growing inside of you trumps any pain or annoyance or sleepless nights.  Motherhood... starting to get a glimpse.

I listen to the baby's heartbeat at least every other day! That doppler was seriously the best money ever spent.  I get a kick out of how active the baby is... and its proof on that doppler.  Really, we are lucky to hear the hb for more than just a couple seconds at a time before he/she is swimming off to the other side of me... I track the hb down, and repeat! Little stinker! The heartbeat is still so strong and fast. ♥

This past weekend, we celebrated our niece, Blakely's, FIRST birthday! She did great! She dug right in to the cake... kind of showed interest to opening presents.  It was the perfect first birthday ♥

Then Saturday we headed out to our church to meet up with some of our friends, as well as a lot of other people, to pack food for orphans in Africa.  These children aren't your everyday orphans.  These children have no one. No orphanage. No one.  No one that cares about them or sees that they have what they need.  These meals literally save lives.  What a blessing to be a part of it!!!


This past weekend we also picked up baby T's bouncy seat.  I'm pretty much in love with it!! It has the cutest little birds as the mobile.  I've found, quite possibly, my favorite store... Once Upon a Child! Gently used kids stuff! We got this amazing bouncy seat for CHEAP!! and I will definitely be getting most of our babies clothes here as well! Nice, clean, barely worn, awesome clothes for great prices! So excited!!!

At 15weeks, baby T is about 5inches long, weighing around 5ounces. He/She can sense light and possibly hear my voice! I'm still craving a lot of Mexican food... which was non-pregnant Carrie's least favorite food. We've had cooked sushi the past two weekends...that seems to hit the spot! I'm back on the coffee wagon... thank God! Trying to keep it simple with only a half-caf Starbucks once or twice a week. It sure is great on those extra sleepy mornings, like today! I'm beyond exhausted on a regular basis and still haven't gained anymore weight, although I feel like it!           

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