14weeks and feelin' good!

Wellph, here we are smack dab in the middle of the fourteenth week of pregnancy! I'm MUCH better than I was last week... whew, I can honestly say that strep throat has been the hardest part of this pregnancy this far! Depending on what book/app I read, the baby is the size of a large navel orange, nectarine, or bell pepper.  I'm really not sure why we have to compare them to food?! Anyway... baby T can now squint, frown, and grimace... I'm hoping more for smiles, but maybe that's next week, HA!

Not much new this week, so far.  I'm reminded daily that the baby is a growin'... as my narrow small frame continues to expand.  I haven't gained much weight at all... I weighed in 1 1/2lbs. heaver at my appointment last week. I was honestly a little shocked! I am feeling a bit wider these days ;) I've always had a smaller frame, so this is new to me! There is definitely a little "pooch" going on in the baby bump region.  I'm really not surprised... I don't feel like my food even has room in my body these days! I really can't imagine what week 30+ is going to feel like.  There are many days I look in the mirror and wonder... a baby is REALLY growing in there... how in the world is he/she gonna fit? It is so amazing how God made our bodies.  I'm in awe daily as I see changes in mine constantly!!!
I hate to even speak this...but I'm pretty sure I'm feeling the baby moving around.  I know its early. But the little flutters are pretty undeniable.  The first few times I felt them, I excused them away.  I then sent my mom a text message describing what I was feeling... to which her response was THAT'S THE BABY!!! She said she felt all of us wigglin' around when she was around 11weeks, so she wasn't surprised.  Like I said, I'm sure most of you are skeptical, which is why I shy away from saying it... we'll see with time if I am right :)

Not much is new on the homefront... we kept it pretty lax this past weekend.  Saturday we (Kathy, Leah, and I) hit up the 99cent kids sale at our local thrift store and then headed to the farmers market where we found some great deals on some amazing produce! Rob then took me out for sushi... gasp! It was amazing!!! I haven't had sushi in 3 months! Since it use to be a weekly meal for us... I've missed it.  I still played it safe, mostly the cooked stuff, but it was good anyway! Then we started the search for the perfect carseat/stroller combo! Found it! But we had so much fun in the process.  Looking, discussing, picking each set apart.  We get more and more excited everyday! I can't imagine how we are going to be when we aren't limited to gender neutral things!!! Watch out! Saturday night we took a Lasagna over to Kathy's and had a nice relaxing dinner with her.  Sunday we slept in and then took Lilly on a walk.  Then Rob talked me into some shopping with the birthday money burning a whole in his pocket!  All in all it was a nice, low key, relaxing weekend.  Just what we needed!

Have a great week everyone!!!

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