Pumpkin Spice Lattes are here!!! Which means it basically fall ;) which means my favorite time of the year is here!!! The crunchy leaves in the ground, the crisp mornings, the yellow if the aspens... THANKSGIVING! Sigh... All right around the corner. 

My obsession with pumpkin spice lattes is missed by few! Even at work last year they bought me pumpkin spice coffee for our coffee maker. It's really the only pumpkin thing I like, aside from pumpkin pie, which might sound weird. Not typically a fan if pumpkin cookies or breads, or anything else flavored pumpkin. But oh heavens! The pumpkin spice latte catepolts me to a cool fall morning, with a scarf, boots, & cardigan on.. Walking on a gorgeous leaf covered path... Think this... THIS is the road to my parents' house where I grew up.

So here I am, laying in bed still (HA!), dreaming of fall and pumpkin spice lattes! Thank God my coffee aversion let go of me before the holiday Starbucks drink season started!!! Off to get my venti, non-fat, half-caf, pumpkin spice latte!! At least it's only in the 70's and cloudy this morning. Haha. 


His Promises.

I started the best devotional this morning! Its about God's promises for our children.  I'm so excited! I've prayed over this little one since, well, since way back when I was even in denial that I was pregnant! God has so evidently blessed us with this baby.  I've prayed for the baby's strength. I've prayed for his/her heart and mind, that it would grow strong for Christ. Very early on we handed this child over to God, praying for the blessings and promises He has for them. So this devotional was just the extra direction I needed!!

Today's devotion was about life; life in the mental, emotional, and spiritual sense.  How parents dictate the flow or the dominance of the home by the life they choose to walk.  "when parents choose life, the tend to walk in attitudes that are [filled] with love, humility, selflessness, joy, faith, and obedience to God.  These are life-giving attitudes of the heart that are then passed on the their children."

Deuteronomy 30:19-20, I call Heaven and Earth to witness against you today:  I place before you Life and Death, Blessing and Curse.  Choose life so that you and your children will live.  And love God, your God, listening obediently to him, firmly embracing him.  Oh yes, he is life itself, a long life settled on the soil that God, your God, promised to give your ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob."

I've found it a little bit hard, in the sense I don't know how to specifically pray for our little one.  I don't know his/her personality yet or even what they look like.  But I do pray often for Rob and I and that we will lead our children in the way they should go.  All I can do is lay this at His feet.  Now, I will also continue to pray that God will help us to choose life, filling our home with these life-giving attitudes. I pray that God will help us to only speak love and selflessness in our home for our children's ears to hear.

Clinging to His promises for our child!

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it's all about respect.

 it's a well known theory.  men are about respect. women are about the love and romance. honestly, i think it can go both ways. my feelings get hurt when i don't feel respected.  as i know rob's can when i've let the romance fizzle a bit.  but, no matter, i'm always looking for a practical way to put respect into words.  honestly, there's not a lot out there about respect... applications anyway.  there's a lot of respect based on submission, but i don't think that's always practical. don't get me wrong, i think wives have their certain roles of submission, but i don't think that looks like most people see it.

i ran across an article today that made me think... YES! this is it. this is what i've wanted to share with other women!  here it is!

the one i felt i could really identify with was #4....

4. Respect his intentions: Instead of assuming that he needs to be reminded, or doesn’t want to help you; assume the best. “Always assume the best and you will find it easier to show respect”. We have the power to use our moments to show how much we value our spouse, how much we trust them, and how much we “love” them through respect.

i'd say this is a downfall of mine.  it's not that i don't trust Rob or assume the best... it's just that i'm a little OCD at times and i'm a checker, HA! i like to make sure things are as they should be.  instead of just putting my trust in him that he's handled it.  i do think i'm getting better at this. mostly due to this pregnancy... i don't have the time or the energy to remind him or check on things.  but again, a practical application of respect that i had never considered.

anyway, just wanted to share that article with you all! let's love extra on our amazing hubbies and let them know how proud we are of them and how proud we are to be their wife! ♥

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SweetT; 16weeks ♥

smack dab in the middle of 16 weeks... or in my 17th week, however you want to look at it ;) 16 1/2 weeks.

we are doing great! baby is a growin', that's for sure! non maternity clothes still fit... miraculously.  but just aren't that comfortable.  i'm wearing a lot of dresses these days! i'm still in the weird in between, where maternity pants are too big, but my regular ones are getting harder and harder to button... belly bands and hair ties are definitely my friend!  i've been blessed by a friend who loaned me two huge rubbermaid boxes of maternity clothes AND my sweet cousin, who just had a baby in July sent me FOUR boxes of her maternity clothes! so very blessed... and feel super lucky to have people in my life who wear the exact same size as me!... and have good taste in clothes ;) so needless to say, i'm looking forward to putting my new wardrobe to use.

i've been feeling our little peanut squirm for a few weeks now, but it wasn't every consistent... well, the past few days... holy moley.  i feel like he/she is just spinning and spinning... honestly if i focus on how much "spinning" is going on it almost makes me a little nauseous, HA! what started out as flutters that almost tickled from the inside has now turned into full on movement. i was laying on my side last night, with my hand under my little bump... trying to get back to sleep and actually felt my bump move. i love feeling our little active baby... so very cool! have a feeling we might have a born athlete on our hands!... just like mommy & daddy!! ♥

my hair and nails are growing at warp speed! the hair part i'm loving... not enjoying trimming my nails 2x a week...who has time for that?!

thankful for maxi-dresses!! ♥
in the event of being real... here goes the complaining, HA! still SO very tired.  this whole no belly/back sleeping thing is a hard adjustment for a belly sleeper! we picked me up a body pillow last week...but its way too fluffy.  it needs to calm down a bit for my taste. ...and this pregnancy congestion at night... so annoying.  i thought i was getting sick at first, then realized it was only during the night... and then i read that it's a common 'side effect' of pregnancy... something about the blood vessels swelling. lovely. ;)

i've also been able to go without caffeine a lot more.  i might have a sweet tea or half-caf starbucks just a few times a week...verses the daily need for caffeine.  i'm very happy about that.  even though my dr said no worries on the caffeine, i just don't feel ok about pouring mass quantities of it in my body for the baby. this past week, my craving has definitely been seafood! i had fish at red lobster and then we hit up our sushi place on saturday for some not completely raw sushi ;).  i really need to put that to rest for a bit, and eat a little more wisely.

also, Rob is doing great! he's been such a trooper through the hormones, the grumpiness, the cravings, the exhaustion and just being supportive! i really couldn't ask for more!

apparently baby T is the size of a turnip this week and can hear our voices!! which i find SO unbelievably cool!  all in all, i really am loving pregnancy! it's been pretty smooth sailing so far... SO thankful! we have our next doctors appointment next week... then only a 3-4 weeks til we find out whether we will be going blue or pink ♥

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... TGIF! High Five for Friday!! ♥ & Having it All ♥

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1. IT'S FRIDAY!!!! Actually, this week went by fairly quickly for me.  I can honestly say, its been a great week!

2. Monday was a typical Monday for me.  By the end of the day I was EXHAUSTED! But, Rob and the rest of the family headed out for 50cent bowling at one of our favorite bowling alleys.  Even though I was bummed that I was way too spent to go... it gave me a wonderful night in relaxing and just having some me time.

3.  Tuesday night, Rob took me out on a date night to Red Lobster.  Holy stuffed tummy!!! I actually felt bad for the baby due to the amount of food I ate that night, HA! Rob went for the endless shrimp... while typically the bottomless or endless specials are wasted on me. I get full to fast... especially with the yummy cheese biscuits to munch on!! So I went for the Parmesan crusted talapia! soooo yummy!

4.  Wednesday Rob's mom and grandma blessed us by having us over for "taco wednesday"... such a great time of visiting and catching up and just a relaxing evening with family is ALWAYS a great idea! Plus, it gives Lilly and Delora a chance for extra exercise as they chase each other around the yard like maniacs :D

5. Baby T continues to grow!! This week he/she made their appearance front and center!... no longer hanging out low and to the left... as of yesterday almost right at my belly button (well maybe a half an inch under) is the new hang out spot! And that heart beat... holy moley! It's gone from the fast 170's down to the high 150's low 160's.  Our little peanut is growing!!!

I recently read a post about "having it all".  It got me to thinking... I really do consider Rob and I to "have it all".  True, we may not live in a mansion or have millions of dollars, but for me, that's not what life is about.  To me, "having it all" means that I have family that loves me... and I'm blessed to have a LOT of family that loves me, friends who support me and that are real - that I can live a transparent life with, & a husband who is mine - who gets me on a daily present basis as well as who I want to be and the goals I have for life.  It's coming home from a long day of work to a hug at the front door from Rob and a slobbery kiss from our dog.  It's seeing my baby bump grow and grow, and feeling the little flutters inside of my being.  Again, we aren't world travelers. We've both been out of the US but don't really desire to make that a habit on even a yearly basis.  When it comes right down to it, home is where we are. When I say we are about the simple things in life, its no exaggeration, and really I wouldn't have it any other way ♥


throwback thursday, blog style, vol 5

I can't believe it's almost September!! September use to be a pretty blah month for us... not really summer, not really fall... not any holidays.  A few family birthdays, but that's about it.  Until 3 years ago :)

We will celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary this year and coincidentally, we also became an "us" in September of 2008, so I suppose we could also celebrate 5 years as well. ♥

Around this time in 2010 we were in full swing, planning and anticipating our big day.  We were both so low key when it came to our wedding.  I only got a little crazy about one thing... my dress.  I found THE one I wanted early on... i say early on, but in reality we were only engaged 5 months. So, when I found THE dress and the smallest size they carried was a 2 & was still too big; there was no time for alterations or to order one.  Well, just like everything else, God had his hand in this as well.  I was pretty bummed until my mom suggested looking for a "used" one of the same dress or trying to find another designer that made a similar one.  Once I started googling, I found THE dress being sold by a girl who had, as she said, "changed her mind"... hoping on the dress, not the marriage ;).  AND it was the PERFECT size! I was on cloud nine and SO happy to be wearing my perfect dress on our perfect day! So, rather than that, we kept things simple.  We knew we wanted family and friends there, and that was really all we cared about. 

Here are a few pictures from when my parents came to visit that summer to help us plan our wedding and pick out my dress.... & take engagement pics :)

I just LOVED all of our engagement pictures! What a fun day down at Crystal Cove... Kathy just following us around with a camera, capturing us being US! Priceless! 


i LOVE this one of the three of us. so typical.


i miss mayberry... a trip down memory lane.

today i read through some blog posts that were 'drafts' that i never posted. i felt this one was post worthy. not sure why i didn't post it a few months ago! Crane, MO...it's changed a lot, but my memories are still there ♥

today i was catapulted back to my childhood, by a status on facebook, written by someone that my siblings and i grew up with.  he was referring to the old Main Street in the town i spent my childhood.  queue the mayberry music. i'm not kidding.
have i mentioned that i had a pretty picturesque childhood?! we are talking norman rockwell. 
these memories that are buried pretty deep... i don't ever want to forget.
obviously, this was from a lot longer ago than my time. but basically, this is what it looks like in my memory.  that drug store was in the same place. right where i got my ice cream cones after school.

this main street. 
typical small town. one strip.
shops on either side.

2 of these shops are etched in my memory

the dime store.
i'm fairly certain you could find all you wanted in this store... however, as a kid, i never saw past the candy isle.  to small, lil' ole me this isle seemed HUGE! and the candy was so cheap! pretty sure this is where my sweet tooth was developed!  not only was the candy special, but so were the workers.  these ladies loved to spoil me! who knows if i even every paid for any of that candy, HA! one of my best memories of this store was when i was 5. it was in December. i had formed a special relationship with one of my mom's dear friend's mothers... i even called her "me-maw" as well.  that day she was watching me for some reason... who knows, i probably asked to stay and hang out with her.  we grabbed cheeseburgers and at them in the back of the store.  this memory is etched in my mind... because not a week later she died of a heart attack.  yep. at 5 years old death became quite real to me.  the dime store wasn't ever the same for me.

Ritter's Drug Store.
bar stools. old soda fountain. again. picturesque!  like right out of a norman rockwell painting.
this was my favorite stop after school when i was kin k-5 thru around 3rd grade.  i'd run in and Bee would already be scooping my cone of chocolate chip ice cream! it was also right across the street from the town doctor (yes we only had one).  so anytime i was sick, we'd walk across the street to get my medicine and of course, an ice cream cone from Bee. 

I get pretty sad sometimes when I think that my kids won't grow up like this.  I often joke to Rob that we HAVE to move to a small town and buy a house on the middle of several acres,  so they can grow up like did.  I don't think he's buying it... Colorado Springs is "small town" to him ;) 


our continued loving legacy

Yesterday, my parents celebrated their 47th anniversary!! I have been so blessed in my life to grow up knowing and seeing how much my parents love one another. They showed me that marriage isn't always roses and romance, but it can always be wonderful. 

They never forget to say "I love you"... To one another or to my brother, sister, & I. They are a living breathing example of what a Christ centered marriage looks like. Again, I'm a very blessed girl. Not only did I marry into a very similar family... Rob and I are both blessed with parents who have truly lived an example of marriage for us... But also our grandparents on both sides. 

Yesterday would've also been my Granny and Papaw's 66th wedding anniversary. This year they celebrate together, in heaven. 

To have so many who are going/have gone before us, my mom & dad, Rob's parents, grandmother & grandpa Stratton, granny & papaw Rice, grandma & grandpa Kolb, and grandma & grandpa Tisthammer... It's truly spectacular.  I would really like to add all of their "years" of marriage together ... I can guarantee an impressive number!! I also wish we could bottle their wisdom! I mean, really. That is our parents AND grandparents. No divorce. Doesn't even seem possible these days. It's truly amazing. ❤

I can only hope and pray that we provide our children with a similar example. So thankful for our legacy. 


.... 15weeks, part two.

People often ask me how I'm feeling or how the pregnancy is going... and without hesitation I always respond, "wonderfully" or "perfectly"... "couldn't be better", etc.  As I was talking to my sister today, I said, "I honestly can't complain... so far its been amazing"... I then went on to complain about round ligament pains, ever growing boobs (sorry but really they're out of control!!!), ever growing belly, uterus pressure, sleep issues, sleep discomfort, sleeplessness, and the list goes on... I then said, "wait, I'm not complaining..." hahaha.  And basically I've come to the conclusion, that in spite of all of that, this pregnancy has been delightful so far.  How is it that the joy of this amazing being growing inside of you trumps any pain or annoyance or sleepless nights.  Motherhood... starting to get a glimpse.

I listen to the baby's heartbeat at least every other day! That doppler was seriously the best money ever spent.  I get a kick out of how active the baby is... and its proof on that doppler.  Really, we are lucky to hear the hb for more than just a couple seconds at a time before he/she is swimming off to the other side of me... I track the hb down, and repeat! Little stinker! The heartbeat is still so strong and fast. ♥

This past weekend, we celebrated our niece, Blakely's, FIRST birthday! She did great! She dug right in to the cake... kind of showed interest to opening presents.  It was the perfect first birthday ♥

Then Saturday we headed out to our church to meet up with some of our friends, as well as a lot of other people, to pack food for orphans in Africa.  These children aren't your everyday orphans.  These children have no one. No orphanage. No one.  No one that cares about them or sees that they have what they need.  These meals literally save lives.  What a blessing to be a part of it!!!


This past weekend we also picked up baby T's bouncy seat.  I'm pretty much in love with it!! It has the cutest little birds as the mobile.  I've found, quite possibly, my favorite store... Once Upon a Child! Gently used kids stuff! We got this amazing bouncy seat for CHEAP!! and I will definitely be getting most of our babies clothes here as well! Nice, clean, barely worn, awesome clothes for great prices! So excited!!!

At 15weeks, baby T is about 5inches long, weighing around 5ounces. He/She can sense light and possibly hear my voice! I'm still craving a lot of Mexican food... which was non-pregnant Carrie's least favorite food. We've had cooked sushi the past two weekends...that seems to hit the spot! I'm back on the coffee wagon... thank God! Trying to keep it simple with only a half-caf Starbucks once or twice a week. It sure is great on those extra sleepy mornings, like today! I'm beyond exhausted on a regular basis and still haven't gained anymore weight, although I feel like it!           


.the bump. 15w part one.

it's now there. there's no hiding it... and quite frankly, when i was trying to "hide" the pooch...it made me feel so frumpy and well, HUGE! & really, no reason to hide it... everyone in our life has known for quite awhile now; the people that see me everyday have known since like week7! i finally gave in yesterday and broke out the belly band.  my pants still "fit"... when i say fit, i mean yes they button, but oh holy moley they are not comfortable.  i feel that my bump officially became a bump this week. before this week it was mostly the bloat or the food bulge that would come and go. now, it's not going anywhere. my dr warned me (& so has everyone else...) the smaller you are, the faster you show.  granted, true maternity pants are still a little too roomy for me... but i have found comfort in the belly band, my comfy-looser jeans, and maternity gathered side t-shirts.  i hesitated on the the actual maternity shirts until i put one on... SO much more flattering than trying to wear my looser fitting cute, flowie tops or my normal t-shirts, stretched over my bump leaving me looking like i had a six pack... and i don't mean the muscle kind!

so here i am, embracing my body changes... hello semi-maternity wear. ♥

**15w picture to come soon** :D


throw back thursday, blog style, vol. 4

I recently answered a question poll online, that asked, "How long have you and your husband been together (friends+dating+marriage)?"  

My answer left me saying, "wow".  Rob and I first met in 2004 and became friends not too long after.  So, we were friends for 4 years, dated for 2, and we've almost been married for 3.  NINE. This took me on a little trip down memory lane....

... & the tree climbing.
I'm fairly certain, this is Thanksgiving 2005.  Little did I know how many Thanksgivings and holidays I would celebrate with the Tisthammers in the upcoming years.  wow, we both look so very young.  I believe this might have been the family gathering where the Tisthammer/Kolb family taught me how to play pinochle.  Rob and I still make great pinochle partners... now he yells at me though when I don't play the right cards... my how times have changed!!! 
Dean stayed with me for quite a few months in 2006.  The three of us had some great times.  Easter eggs, climbing trees, The Matrix, Malarkey's or was it McKlarens? who really knows.  These boys were/are a lot of fun!

Another hang out night, playing games with Dean-o and Robbie.  Pretty sure Rob was pretending he was Neo in this picture... pretty typical!

In 2007, Rob moved to Missouri. Not too long after he moved I started going through some pretty tough personal stuff. We lost touch for awhile, until he moved back the end of 2007. He pretty much re-acclimated into the group of friends I had at the time, and it was as if no time had passed! He'd come over and hang out with me and my roommates... most nights led to karaoke and silliness. It was always a good time!

March, 2008. Spring Training in AZ.  Rob wearing my kids size small Angels jersey.  He thought he was SOOO funny!

Honestly, after that Spring Training trip, I think that's when I started wondering ...wondering, wow could this friendship be more? I hadn't hung out with Rob and his family for, gosh, probably over a year.  I definitely hadn't seen his AZ family in forever! Family has always been the most important to me... and being reminded that family was also one of his top priorities made me stop and wonder.  If you ask him, he says he always knew, HA! But I think for me, that was when I really had the thought of, this is a path I could go down.  Needless to say, we hung out a lot, even more than usual, after that.  Still pretty innocent, playing it cool ;)  We went to at least one Angel game per home series together that year.  I think I'll always have family and baseball to thank for bringing us together and "sealing the deal"... pretty poetic.

I just find it amazing, crazy, and truly God's plan that we got from this... to this.... God is SO good!!! .... 

May 2012, happily & blessed
November 2005, barely friends


true love.

it's been awhile since i've blogged about marriage.  not sure why. guess i've been in baby la-la land.  my wonderful husband sent me this song today.  at first it absolutely cracked me up. then it made me swoon even harder.  because, really. it is SO us! some of the language in the lyrics is questionable... so i'll leave those parts out ;) but here are the lyrics:

Sometimes I hate every single stupid word you say
Sometimes I wanna slap you in your whole face
There's no one quite like you
You push all my buttons down
I know life would suck without you
At the same time, I wanna hug you
I wanna wrap my hands around your neck
You're an a****** but I love you
And you make me so mad I ask myself
Why I'm still here, or where could I go
You're the only love I've ever known
But I hate you, I really hate you,
So much, I think it must be
True love, true love
It must be true love
And you make me so mad I ask myself
Why I'm still here, or where could I go
You're the only love I've ever known
But I hate you, I really hate you,
So much, I think it must be
True love, true love
It must be true love
Nothing else can break my heart like
True love, true love,
It must be true love
And no one else can break my heart like you
(I love you, I think it must be love, I love you)
Why do you rub me up the wrong way?
Why do you say the things that you say?
Sometimes I wonder how we ever came to be
But without you I'm incomplete
I think it must be
True love, true love
It must be true love
Nothing else can break my heart like
True love, true love,
It must be true love
And no one else can break my heart like you (like you)
No one else can break my heart like you (like you)
No one else can break my heart like you

This song leaves us both laughing and shaking our heads.  But married folk... isn't it so true.  Sometimes you want to kill each other, but at the same time you've never loved them more.  I often wonder how this is even possible.  Don't get me wrong, my husband is my absolute... ABSOLUTE!!!! favorite person on this earth.  ever.  EVER.  I pretty much worship the ground he walks on.  but there are times, and those close to us have heard me say it I'm sure, I wanna punch him in the head!!! Would I ever really do it? No. no way! but that's how he get's under my skin.  & don't let me fool you.  This is a two way street.  When he's not getting under my skin, I'm getting under his.  This is where loving with a standard of grace comes in.  Yep. Grace.

Grace: unmerited favor.
Grace: special favor
Grace: temporary exemption
Grace: a virtue coming from God
Grace: mercy.

{the love and mercy given to us by God, because He desires us to have it, not because of anything we have done to earn it}

When I look at this... truth... Rob and I are human.  We live out our flesh often.  The lyrics in the song above reflect such a relationship.  On the other hand, I'm thankful for our realness. I am thankful that we can look at one another and say "you're bugging me" or "i need space" or even extreme (& please understand I'm joking when I say this to him because it never fails to make us both laugh) "i'm gonna punch you in the head".  But more than our realness or our transparency with one another, I'm thankful that God has shown us His grace and in turn has shown us HOW to love with Grace... how to love one another despite our flesh. despite our annoyances, and despite our moodiness.

Everyone's "real" looks different.  But I challenge you to become real with your spouse! Sure, sometimes Rob and I might be too real with one another... but do we ever regret that? no.  We never have to wonder where the other stands.  There's no mere politeness for politeness sake.  We are one in our marriage... why not act like it?!

& since i haven't added to it in awhile....

my never ending list continued:

79.  he sends me songs.  like the one above ♥
80. he took care of me and took care of me well when i was sick last week.  he's gonna be such a great dad!!!
81. he took me to sushi AND outback this past weekend... just because those were my cravings! did i mention he takes care of me?!
82. he's so darn cute! have you seen him?! gosh I love this man!!!

14weeks and feelin' good!

Wellph, here we are smack dab in the middle of the fourteenth week of pregnancy! I'm MUCH better than I was last week... whew, I can honestly say that strep throat has been the hardest part of this pregnancy this far! Depending on what book/app I read, the baby is the size of a large navel orange, nectarine, or bell pepper.  I'm really not sure why we have to compare them to food?! Anyway... baby T can now squint, frown, and grimace... I'm hoping more for smiles, but maybe that's next week, HA!

Not much new this week, so far.  I'm reminded daily that the baby is a growin'... as my narrow small frame continues to expand.  I haven't gained much weight at all... I weighed in 1 1/2lbs. heaver at my appointment last week. I was honestly a little shocked! I am feeling a bit wider these days ;) I've always had a smaller frame, so this is new to me! There is definitely a little "pooch" going on in the baby bump region.  I'm really not surprised... I don't feel like my food even has room in my body these days! I really can't imagine what week 30+ is going to feel like.  There are many days I look in the mirror and wonder... a baby is REALLY growing in there... how in the world is he/she gonna fit? It is so amazing how God made our bodies.  I'm in awe daily as I see changes in mine constantly!!!
I hate to even speak this...but I'm pretty sure I'm feeling the baby moving around.  I know its early. But the little flutters are pretty undeniable.  The first few times I felt them, I excused them away.  I then sent my mom a text message describing what I was feeling... to which her response was THAT'S THE BABY!!! She said she felt all of us wigglin' around when she was around 11weeks, so she wasn't surprised.  Like I said, I'm sure most of you are skeptical, which is why I shy away from saying it... we'll see with time if I am right :)

Not much is new on the homefront... we kept it pretty lax this past weekend.  Saturday we (Kathy, Leah, and I) hit up the 99cent kids sale at our local thrift store and then headed to the farmers market where we found some great deals on some amazing produce! Rob then took me out for sushi... gasp! It was amazing!!! I haven't had sushi in 3 months! Since it use to be a weekly meal for us... I've missed it.  I still played it safe, mostly the cooked stuff, but it was good anyway! Then we started the search for the perfect carseat/stroller combo! Found it! But we had so much fun in the process.  Looking, discussing, picking each set apart.  We get more and more excited everyday! I can't imagine how we are going to be when we aren't limited to gender neutral things!!! Watch out! Saturday night we took a Lasagna over to Kathy's and had a nice relaxing dinner with her.  Sunday we slept in and then took Lilly on a walk.  Then Rob talked me into some shopping with the birthday money burning a whole in his pocket!  All in all it was a nice, low key, relaxing weekend.  Just what we needed!

Have a great week everyone!!!


a late 13week update...

Wow, have we had a busy week! My brother, Greg, and his family arrived last week.  We had the best time with them! They left yesterday morning, & quite frankly, our house seems way too quiet without them! One would think, if you had six people staying in your home for a week, you would be a little happy to get your home back... we were so sad to see them go!

They arrived on Thursday and we immediately met at Pei Wei for dinner! After dinner the girls headed to a couple stores, shopping of course, and the boys headed home to play settlers of catan... they didn't waste any time! Friday, while I was working, Rob and the family headed to Red Rock Canyon! They had a great time climbing around and avoiding rattle snakes!

Rob's Birthday Cake, iced bunt cake turns out to look a lot like a donut!
That night we hung out at our house, Matt, Leah, the kids, and Kathy joined us all for dinner at our house and another night filled with fun, laughter, and games.  We woke up Saturday to celebrate Rob's birthday!! He had to work a few hours, so while he was at work Alex, Kory, & Katy climbed the incline with Matt and Leah while Connor and I went thrifting! Chic-fil-a was on the agenda for lunch and then we headed to our local bowling alley for some more family/birthday fun... celebrating Rob! That evening we headed over to Kathy's for Rob's birthday celebration... all of our local family and friends joined.  It was a great evening!!! We have the best family and friends!!  Everyone brought one of Rob's favorite foods.  We ate, laughed, danced... well, watched Levi dance, laughed some more, played games, and just enjoyed an evening of celebrating Rob!

Sunday, Rob had to work a few hours in the early morning, but the rest of us headed to breakfast before church.  It was such a treat to get to all go to church together!! After church we ran a few errands, but then hurried home so the guys and Katy could get ready for their camping/hike.  They headed out that afternoon and Kim and I started our girls evening! We went out to dinner at B.J's and then stopped at redbox for a couple of movies.  We spent the rest of our evening in our pj's munching on movie theater buttered popcorn and pb m&m's! It was great! Monday, we woke up, got around and met Kathy at babysRus to just look around and plan some "possibles" for babyT and then went out to lunch.  By the end of the day on Monday I was feeling pretty crummy... I was thinking this whole "easy" (2nd) trimester thing was a big joke! After all, my first trimester was cake... and here I was feeling awful! I felt bad, but I told Kim that I HAD to have a nap... after I woke up, I realized I was running a fever and my throat was killing me... so I called my doctor.  Thankfully, I already had an appointment scheduled for Tuesday.  The nurse told me to go ahead and come in that next morning as scheduled, and to take tylenol to keep my temperature down.  And the miserableness began!!!  I missed out on all the family fun on Tuesday...but made myself go to dinner with everyone Tuesday night... I wasn't about ready to miss hanging out with my family their last evening here!

Their big hike on Monday went well though... Well, in meaning they all returned safely! I think it was a lot harder than they all had suspected! Four mountains in about 8hrs!!! They're rockstars!! I'll have to post pictures of that here soon :)

Thankfully, I am blessed with a job that not only gave me Monday and Tuesday off to be with my family, but also let me have yesterday and today off to rest and be miserable at home! ♥ Despite my last few days of getting sick, it really has been the best week! Soooo Fun!!!

As far as in the baby world... things are going really well.  Of course I was so worried this week, as I was sick and how that would effect the baby... but my doctor assured me that I'm far enough along that it shouldn't hurt the baby!  She recorded his/her heartbeat at 170.  My doctor gushed about what a nice strong heart beat it was!! Baby T got more books this past weekend and Auntie Kimmy bought him/her their first swaddler!

I was so encouraged that the doctor thought the baby's heart was strong... and proven by a LOUD fast beat.  My prayer since day one has been for out baby to have a strong heart and mind for God.  Sounds like God is answering my prayers. ♥