Week 12!!!

our little Valentine is the size of a peach... about 3 inches long!! ♥

We took this picture this weekend...as a lot of our out of state family and friends were curious to my ever expanding body ;)  the "baby bump" comes and goes with food.  In other words, after I eat there is one...but other than that, not really. I haven't gained any weight...but oh boy, is my waste line expanding! It's so very cool how God made our bodies!! It truly is a miracle! I hit week 12 a few days ago, and I'm feeling great! In fact, this morning, almost too great.  It scared me for a second... thank God for that at home pocket doppler!!!

Not too many new happenings this week in the baby world.  We did find a killer deal on a crib, and also picked up a bumbo seat.  These were our first "big" purchases!! We also started baby T's book collection this weekend! I'm a firm believer in reading to children and reading to them often!  Growing up, my Mom read chapter books to me every night.  Those evenings are treasured memories and I can't wait to make some of those with my own kids! Of course, baby T's first books are a little bit easier reads than chapter books ;) but we'll get there...

I FINALLY was able to have Pizza AND Chinese food this past week.  Still holding off on the coffee. Thinking it might be a good thing to not drink it for a bit.  But thankful that chinese and pizza are back in the rotation!

Lilly started a really cute, new, cuddle position this week... laying her little head RIGHT where baby T likes to hang out.  I swear I teared up the first time she did it! She's gonna be such a good big sister :)

Weekend Recap: Friday night, we were lazy bums.  Just enjoying a Friday evening of NOTHING.  Those are really the best.  We are so old ;)  Saturday we ran errands... picked up baby t's latest purchases, and headed over to Kathy's to hang out.  We let Rob beat us in cribbage, watched tv, ordered pizza, and just relaxed! Have I mentioned we LOVE having her here?! ... Now if we can just permanently get Jack and Grandma Nina here, we will be set! Sunday, again, we were lazy, lazy bums.  I think Rob is having sympathy pregnancy fatigue...which is good, because other wise I'd feel bad, HA! Sunday afternoon we had a company picnic with my co workers.  It was an afternoon/evening filled with laughter and good food! ♥

This week, we are looking forward to my Brother and his family visiting!! We love when they come to visit.  Rob and the guys are going to brave a few 14'ers this trip.  Last summer it was Pikes Peak... this summer its the Decalibron.  This year will be a little more challenging... 4 14'ers within an 8.5 mile hike! Gosh, I don't want to go...but I'd sure like to say I had hiked that! It counts that Rob is doing it, right?! Rob's birthday is also this weekend! So it will be a great weekend of celebrating and hanging out with lots of family... our favorite!!! ♥

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