summa-summa time

as my work week is winding down... yes its only tuesday and it's almost over... rough life ;) i thought i better get a quick blog in, because you probably won't hear from me for a week or so + 

tomorrow is my last day of work for the week (i have the most generous boss!!!)... and Mom & Dad T. arrive thursday!!! along with my dear Ashly and Grandpa T.  when i told people at work that one of my good friends and old coworkers from CA is helping my inlaws drive out here from CA, they thought that was odd... one of my coworkers actually asked, won't that be awkward?! my thoughts...you mean, your good friends aren't close with your inlaws, and haven't even lived with them for a year... well, i think THAT is strange ;) HA! so NO... not weird.  so. so. So excited to see her and of course Grandpa T as well! Its been too long since we've seen either of them... basically a year! :(

we are so excited to help Mom & Dad T. get settled in their new home... have i mentioned it's AWESOME?! it will be so nice to have them here... to stay!

anyway, hope you all enjoy your holiday weekends! know that we will be having a BLAST! please stop and be intentional this week... remember the ongoing sacrifice for our freedom. i know, personally, there's a family in Michigan who would really like their oldest son home with them this week...but he is so bravely sacrificing, protecting those he loves... and even those he doesn't know.  ♥ love you Alex!

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  1. Woohoo! I got a shout out!! I am sooo thankful for our years at the office even though they were painful. Knowing I shared a small box with you made it worth it. You are dear to my heart along with all of your family.