Mr. Boone Franklin Johnson

We are proudly an Aunt and Uncle for the eleventh time... Yes 11! Little Boone was born the evening of Friday, July 12th. Little bundle of joy couldn't be any truer... Weighing in at just 6 1/2 lbs.

And come on... It doesn't get much cuter or perfect than this little guy.... 

(his big sister is such an awesome photographer!). 

As far as my siblings go... I had never missed the birth of any of my nieces or nephews, until my niece Abi was born, and I was living in CA.  This makes the second birth that I haven't been there for, and nope... doesn't get any easier!  My sister's 3rd daughter, Miah, I was there for everything.  The doctor's appointments, shopping for nursery stuff, the birth... helping my sister after... everything! My sister jokes around that Miah might be mine ;)  So needless to say, it's hard form going from super involved to being states away... but no matter what, Boone has an Aunt and Uncle in Colorado who already love him to pieces and cannot wait to love on him!!! 

We love you Boone!!! ooohing, cooing, and smooching from afar, 
Aunt Carrie & Uncle Rob

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