Catchin' Up....

I have today off to relax and just take it easy... lending its way to a 3 day weekend, which I couldn't be more thankful for!! So... I thought I'd take the opportunity and catch up on our happenings over the past few weeks!

Mom & Dad T. are all moved in to their new home and we are loving having them so close! They arrived on the 4th, and we all got to hang out and went to a concert in the park.  It was a great fourth and the start to a great weekend of family fun... enjoy some pictures from the holiday weekend:

That week, Ashly stayed around and hung out for a few more days.  Grandpa T. headed back to CA on the 9th.  That week included baseball, taco tuesday, relaxing, shopping, lunch at Marigold's and a lot of family fun.  
We celebrated Patty's birthday last weekend with the cutest little backyard birthday party ever was ♥

Life is slowing down a bit... which I'm thankful for! This past week we took it pretty easy.  We joined a new dinner group (which we love), that met on Tuesday... such a blessing! We are now looking forward to my brother and his family coming to visit in a couple weeks! Always a fun time!

Today, I've already been thrifting... caught up on some tv shows on the dvr... and now I think I might take a nap ;) Just the kind of day I needed ♥  and... I still have 2 days left of the weekend after today... that's just marvelous!!! xoxo

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