A Special Throwback Thursday, Vol.3

celebrating Ro's first bday in CA!
A special version of "throwback thursday" for one of my oldest friends, Rachelle!  Tomorrow marks Rachelle's anniversary of her 21st birthday ;)  I can honestly say that we have been friends since, just about as long as I can remember... we were 11 I believe! I can also say that we've been through a lot in our 20+ years of friendship! Good times. Bad times. Marvelous times. Times of not speaking. Times of "why the heck were we not speaking"???. Times of laughter. Times of tears. But one thing has never changed... she's always there when I need her.
Up until the last few months, we experienced one of those valleys of our friendship... basically we were dumb. very, very dumb. But the last 6 months or so haven't been the easiest for me... and guess who has been there. Yep. Her.  
Needless to say, 20 years of friendship trumps any stupid girl crap! And for that I am oh so thankful!

love these 2!!
To say we grew up together is an understatement! We spent most of our pre-teen and teenage years together... playing club volleyball together, traveling every weekend together... and when we weren't doing that... we were cruising town, looking for trouble, HA! She even taught me to drive, & took me for my drivers test. sigh.  She moved out to CA during a time when an old friend was greatly needed! 
Thankful for our friendship...
late night, random couch on the side of the street... what can i say, we have fun wherever we go!

beach day!

typical mutt's day!

fun times in our little house ♥

a night out with my favorites!

mutt's... noticing a pattern?!

Happy Birthday Ro-Ro! Love you to pieces!

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  1. Fun! Happy Birthday Rachelle! Congrats on keeping up with a blog - I never could hack it :)