Week 12!!!

our little Valentine is the size of a peach... about 3 inches long!! ♥

We took this picture this weekend...as a lot of our out of state family and friends were curious to my ever expanding body ;)  the "baby bump" comes and goes with food.  In other words, after I eat there is one...but other than that, not really. I haven't gained any weight...but oh boy, is my waste line expanding! It's so very cool how God made our bodies!! It truly is a miracle! I hit week 12 a few days ago, and I'm feeling great! In fact, this morning, almost too great.  It scared me for a second... thank God for that at home pocket doppler!!!

Not too many new happenings this week in the baby world.  We did find a killer deal on a crib, and also picked up a bumbo seat.  These were our first "big" purchases!! We also started baby T's book collection this weekend! I'm a firm believer in reading to children and reading to them often!  Growing up, my Mom read chapter books to me every night.  Those evenings are treasured memories and I can't wait to make some of those with my own kids! Of course, baby T's first books are a little bit easier reads than chapter books ;) but we'll get there...

I FINALLY was able to have Pizza AND Chinese food this past week.  Still holding off on the coffee. Thinking it might be a good thing to not drink it for a bit.  But thankful that chinese and pizza are back in the rotation!

Lilly started a really cute, new, cuddle position this week... laying her little head RIGHT where baby T likes to hang out.  I swear I teared up the first time she did it! She's gonna be such a good big sister :)

Weekend Recap: Friday night, we were lazy bums.  Just enjoying a Friday evening of NOTHING.  Those are really the best.  We are so old ;)  Saturday we ran errands... picked up baby t's latest purchases, and headed over to Kathy's to hang out.  We let Rob beat us in cribbage, watched tv, ordered pizza, and just relaxed! Have I mentioned we LOVE having her here?! ... Now if we can just permanently get Jack and Grandma Nina here, we will be set! Sunday, again, we were lazy, lazy bums.  I think Rob is having sympathy pregnancy fatigue...which is good, because other wise I'd feel bad, HA! Sunday afternoon we had a company picnic with my co workers.  It was an afternoon/evening filled with laughter and good food! ♥

This week, we are looking forward to my Brother and his family visiting!! We love when they come to visit.  Rob and the guys are going to brave a few 14'ers this trip.  Last summer it was Pikes Peak... this summer its the Decalibron.  This year will be a little more challenging... 4 14'ers within an 8.5 mile hike! Gosh, I don't want to go...but I'd sure like to say I had hiked that! It counts that Rob is doing it, right?! Rob's birthday is also this weekend! So it will be a great weekend of celebrating and hanging out with lots of family... our favorite!!! ♥


Lilly's Big News ♥

Lilly made a big announcement to the social media world yesterday!! 

Yes, it's true... we are expecting! We couldn't be more excited!!! Our little valentine is due the beginning of February.  I'm sure this is only the first of many "baby" updates that I will blog about over the next 6 months or so... or 18 years ;)

I've been busting at the seems to blog about our journey over the last few months, to share how amazing our God is, and to share our joy with you all!!

We found out we were expecting on May 30th. Many of you know about our previous loss the end of April... and most of your responses, "WOW that was fast"! HA! our thoughts exactly! All I can say is that my God restores the broken and gives hope to those who need it most.  Honestly, we didn't even know it was possible for us to get pregnant that quickly... no, we didn't plan it.  Our doctor had even said it would be 8 weeks before my body was fully healed and that she suggested waiting a month after that.  You can imagine my thought process... 8 weeks + 1 month. that's THREE months!!! For those of you fortunate enough to never experienced a loss, as a woman, you question yourself. you question everything. was it me? was it my body? does my body even work... and the list goes on! Well, there was my answer. Not even a month later as that double pink line stared back at me!

Needless to say, we were in a bit of disbelief.  For the first 2 weeks I had decided I didn't even know for sure I was pregnant, HA! Defense mechanism much?! I told Rob (of course) and my mom. We prayed. We pretended maybe it wasn't for real just not to get our hopes up. A month passed and I decided it was time to call my doctor and make an appointment, because a few tests later... it was pretty stinkin' obvious... I definitely was pregnant.

Our first appointment I was so nervous. I was so concerned history would repeat itself.  But guess what! It didn't!!

a little note i wrote that evening....
Our precious little gummy bear, 
eee! if you can't tell, that' the head (bottom right) and little legs top left ♥
This week we got to see you!!! For the first time! You are already sooo adorable! Mommy's doctor got a kick out of how active you are already... already taking after your Daddy :) your little heart beat was so strong for such a little baby!!! We got to see your heart, your spine, and your arms and legs! It's safe to say it was love at first sight! We sent texts messages of your first photo to all your family that doesn't live here! They are so thankful that you're ours ❤️ we then took your picture over to Grandma and Grandpa T's where we also got to show you off to your great grandpa T (& great grandma on the phone), as well as your auntie Leah, auntie Ashly, auntie Glo and uncle Andy and Patty.  It was quite a moment of celebrating YOU! You are so loved little one!

So far this pregnancy has been wonderful.  Weeks 4-6 were a breeze... besides freaking out about once a day that I had no symptoms, ha! Week 7 the stretching began; a wonderful daily reminder of what was going on inside of me ♥ Week 8, the food aversions began... quit coffee cold turkey (ew!)... what the heck, right?! I haven't had starbucks in over a month! Amazing that the world is still spinning ;) No morning sickness... just thoughts of it if I thought/think of drinking coffee or eating pizza, Chinese,  or McDonalds! Those are normally the staples of my diet, HA! Towards the end of week 9 we went to the doctor and then told family and coworkers.  That same weekend I ate pizza AND chinese food... won't be doing that again for awhile! at 10weeks, I got my hands on a pocket fetal doppler.  Holy Moley... best $ every spent! Our little one's heartbeat brings a smile to my face instantaneously! ... here I am smack dab in the middle of week 11, heading toward the second trimester and feeling great! Proud to say I haven't gotten sick once, but the fatigue is kickin' my rear.  I've never been a morning person, but I practically have to pry my eyes open with a crowbar in the mornings!

I feel so blessed to have this little one growing inside me! Thanking you in advance for your prayers over the next few months!!! ♥ xoxo


Catchin' Up....

I have today off to relax and just take it easy... lending its way to a 3 day weekend, which I couldn't be more thankful for!! So... I thought I'd take the opportunity and catch up on our happenings over the past few weeks!

Mom & Dad T. are all moved in to their new home and we are loving having them so close! They arrived on the 4th, and we all got to hang out and went to a concert in the park.  It was a great fourth and the start to a great weekend of family fun... enjoy some pictures from the holiday weekend:

That week, Ashly stayed around and hung out for a few more days.  Grandpa T. headed back to CA on the 9th.  That week included baseball, taco tuesday, relaxing, shopping, lunch at Marigold's and a lot of family fun.  
We celebrated Patty's birthday last weekend with the cutest little backyard birthday party ever was ♥

Life is slowing down a bit... which I'm thankful for! This past week we took it pretty easy.  We joined a new dinner group (which we love), that met on Tuesday... such a blessing! We are now looking forward to my brother and his family coming to visit in a couple weeks! Always a fun time!

Today, I've already been thrifting... caught up on some tv shows on the dvr... and now I think I might take a nap ;) Just the kind of day I needed ♥  and... I still have 2 days left of the weekend after today... that's just marvelous!!! xoxo


A Special Throwback Thursday, Vol.3

celebrating Ro's first bday in CA!
A special version of "throwback thursday" for one of my oldest friends, Rachelle!  Tomorrow marks Rachelle's anniversary of her 21st birthday ;)  I can honestly say that we have been friends since, just about as long as I can remember... we were 11 I believe! I can also say that we've been through a lot in our 20+ years of friendship! Good times. Bad times. Marvelous times. Times of not speaking. Times of "why the heck were we not speaking"???. Times of laughter. Times of tears. But one thing has never changed... she's always there when I need her.
Up until the last few months, we experienced one of those valleys of our friendship... basically we were dumb. very, very dumb. But the last 6 months or so haven't been the easiest for me... and guess who has been there. Yep. Her.  
Needless to say, 20 years of friendship trumps any stupid girl crap! And for that I am oh so thankful!

love these 2!!
To say we grew up together is an understatement! We spent most of our pre-teen and teenage years together... playing club volleyball together, traveling every weekend together... and when we weren't doing that... we were cruising town, looking for trouble, HA! She even taught me to drive, & took me for my drivers test. sigh.  She moved out to CA during a time when an old friend was greatly needed! 
Thankful for our friendship...
late night, random couch on the side of the street... what can i say, we have fun wherever we go!

beach day!

typical mutt's day!

fun times in our little house ♥

a night out with my favorites!

mutt's... noticing a pattern?!

Happy Birthday Ro-Ro! Love you to pieces!


Mr. Boone Franklin Johnson

We are proudly an Aunt and Uncle for the eleventh time... Yes 11! Little Boone was born the evening of Friday, July 12th. Little bundle of joy couldn't be any truer... Weighing in at just 6 1/2 lbs.

And come on... It doesn't get much cuter or perfect than this little guy.... 

(his big sister is such an awesome photographer!). 

As far as my siblings go... I had never missed the birth of any of my nieces or nephews, until my niece Abi was born, and I was living in CA.  This makes the second birth that I haven't been there for, and nope... doesn't get any easier!  My sister's 3rd daughter, Miah, I was there for everything.  The doctor's appointments, shopping for nursery stuff, the birth... helping my sister after... everything! My sister jokes around that Miah might be mine ;)  So needless to say, it's hard form going from super involved to being states away... but no matter what, Boone has an Aunt and Uncle in Colorado who already love him to pieces and cannot wait to love on him!!! 

We love you Boone!!! ooohing, cooing, and smooching from afar, 
Aunt Carrie & Uncle Rob


summa-summa time

as my work week is winding down... yes its only tuesday and it's almost over... rough life ;) i thought i better get a quick blog in, because you probably won't hear from me for a week or so + 

tomorrow is my last day of work for the week (i have the most generous boss!!!)... and Mom & Dad T. arrive thursday!!! along with my dear Ashly and Grandpa T.  when i told people at work that one of my good friends and old coworkers from CA is helping my inlaws drive out here from CA, they thought that was odd... one of my coworkers actually asked, won't that be awkward?! my thoughts...you mean, your good friends aren't close with your inlaws, and haven't even lived with them for a year... well, i think THAT is strange ;) HA! so NO... not weird.  so. so. So excited to see her and of course Grandpa T as well! Its been too long since we've seen either of them... basically a year! :(

we are so excited to help Mom & Dad T. get settled in their new home... have i mentioned it's AWESOME?! it will be so nice to have them here... to stay!

anyway, hope you all enjoy your holiday weekends! know that we will be having a BLAST! please stop and be intentional this week... remember the ongoing sacrifice for our freedom. i know, personally, there's a family in Michigan who would really like their oldest son home with them this week...but he is so bravely sacrificing, protecting those he loves... and even those he doesn't know.  ♥ love you Alex!