Weekend Recap & Coffee Reflections

Another fabulous weekend under our belts!
Friday afternoon was gorgeous and a perfect day to watch my man coach baseball. 
Made my typical thrift store stop on Saturday... see my previous blog about my fun finds! Then Rob and I had a fun day out and about shopping. Saturday evening we got to watch Levi & Blakely. We ate a yummy pot roast that my amazing husband made, played outside, and settled in for a movie and popcorn. It was a nice evening in with our favorite littles. 
Sunday lent itself to sleeping in with the best intentions of making it to the 11am service at church. Laziness crept in and we didn't make it! :( but Aunt Julie came down from Castle Rock and met us at Poor Richards for yummy pizza and book/toy shopping Sunday afternoon. Then the laziness commenced, late afternoon naps, movie watching, catching up on shows and snacking... That was our evening. 
This week is off to a great start. It's 99 degrees already this morning... It's a beautiful day. We are looking forward to Jack and Kathy getting here Wednesday!! It will be a treat having Jack here for Fathers' Day weekend! 

Have a great week everyone!!!! 

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