Throwback Thursday... Blog Style ♥

A spin off of the popular instagram trend "throwback thursday" I thought it might be fun to feature a picture every once in awhile on a Thursday.  One from the past, that is filled with memories and blog about it a bit.  I'm sure they'll mostly be of Rob and I, maybe some of family, but no matter what... a wonderful memory filled picture.

So without further ado... here is the first post in a trip down memory lane:

Us. 2008.

This is one of my favorite pictures of us.  It was taken the summer of 2008, and sits on a shelf, framed in our home.

I had been through a lot that year... but I finally found my happy and I'm pretty sure its evident in this picture!

Summer of 2008. I lived in Costa Mesa, CA in my little house.  I loved that house.  After living alone for quite awhile, two of my close friends moved in with me that summer. Yep, 3 girls, 2 cats squeezed into a 500sqft home. Rent was cheap and life was easy.  We literally had the time of our lives. Some of my best memories of my 20's happened right there in that little house.

On this particular evening, we were headed to Melanie's birthday party at Dave and Busters! She had rented out one of the private sections and Karaoke, good food, and drinks were on the agenda.  We all had a marvelous time, as usual.

Mine and Rob's relationship at this point was a bit undefined.  We were basically best friends, who hung out ALL the time... seriously, it was more like 3 girls, 1 guy, 2 cats, and a dog in that little house.  He'd come over right after work... or after his classes, that is if he wasn't skipping them to come hang out.  That summer was filled with lots of evenings in Newport, Sunday Fundays, many a yogurt run, Laventina's, Ho Sum, Angel games, and days at the beach. 

This was definitely a time when life was easy, troubles were rare, and fun was always plentiful. ♥ 2008 was a good year!

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