Throwback Thursday, Blog Style; Vol.2

Stepping back again, to the summer of 2008... this is one of the most fun memories of the beginning of our hanging out/dating period.  A weekend with Jack and Kathy at the Crystal Cove Cottages.  It was smack dab in the middle of summer, so it was so great to get away and stay on the beach for the weekend!  Like I mentioned before, I had 2 roommates at the time, so they graciously took care of the cats... & thankfully, Rob worked at a dog daycare so we didn't have a hard time finding someone to pawn Lilly off on for the weekend... we got off work and then we were off for a fun weekend together in the sun ♥ Priceless!!

He may or may not have been trying to cram that ice cream cone in my face ;)  It was a nice cool Saturday on the deck... hanging out, drinking coffee, and playing games with Jack and Kathy.  

Later that day, as it warmed up, we headed down to catch some sun on the beach and have some fun in the water.  It really was a little mini vacation... even though we weren't even 20 min from my little home.  That evening, Jack and Kathy had a birthday party to go to.... so Rob and I, along with Medley, walked up to the Trader Joes and local pizza place... just spending the evening walking around, having fun and then settled back in for the evening watching the sunset and relaxing under the stars ♥  Sunday Morning, we woke up, and took a walk along the beach, and headed up to the Shack for the biggest cinnamon roll I've ever seen... and of course a shake... yes for breakfast! What a great little mid-summer get away!

This little cottage was a hot spot for the Tisthammers! We spent a few spring weekends there, summer weekends, even a New Years Eve!! There's a lot of amazing family memories in that little cottage! I think we  just might need to plan a family vacation for next summer! :) 

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