...it's who i am.

ok, I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one that enjoys reading people's "about me" on their blogs.  a couple of blogs I follow did a little spin on an about me today... the girls behind the blogs.  I decided it seemed fun and should join in :) Check them out... Something About You and Me and Today Was A Fairytale

So Here goes.... Me. In a nut shell.

- i married my best friend. seriously.  we were friends for 4 years before we even started dating!
-i'm a mom to a 15year & 13year old cats and a 6 year old dog.
- i can't wait to me a mom to a 2 legger ;)
-every season is my favorite at the beginning... by the end, i can't wait for the next, which of course is my favorite.
-i have an irish temper like no other, but i'm learning to control it. thank you married life.
-i always dreamed of starting a dog rescue... my dream came true a few years back when my friends and i got to share that dream. a couple years later, i moved to CO... i miss them and our rescue dogs on a daily basis!
-my roots are small town country.  but after spending 8 years in SoCal... i describe myself as a smalltown, country, southern california girl. (irony?!)
- i'm the baby in my family.  it taught me independence and perseverance...and how to get my way ;)
- i have a degree in education with a minor in psychology and even though i'm doing nothing with it... i'm proud of myself that i have a degree!
- i have 10... soon to be 11 nieces and nephews. and they are my sunshine!
- i'm amazed i survived my party/celebrity life style days.  i'm so glad that's not me anymore...but i also wouldn't trade them or the memories for ANYTHING! 
- i'm scared of spiders and escalators. heights and deep lakes/oceans (i mean really... no one knows whats under the water...).
- purple is my favorite color. it has been since i could talk... only then it was "poopal"
- i can fix just about anything thanks to my Daddy!
- i have no sense of direction.  if i think we should go left... go right!
- in case you haven't noticed. i hate capitalizing my "i's" and i use the... A LOT. come on. its cute?! eh...
- i could keep going all day... but i won't
- if i can't give something 100% i don't do it. the end.

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