High Five for Friday!! TGIF!

Well, the only thing longer than a normal week is the week after a 4 day week... but we've almost made it! ITS FRIDAY!!! YAY!

1. We were blessed this week with an evening in with M&L and their little cuties!! They had been out of town for about a week.  It was so great to see them! We had yummy tamales, quality time together, and I think there was basketball on in the background ;)

2.  Our lilly-bug braved a week of thunderstorms and she did great! Granted her Daddy was home with her the majority of the time...but He had a baseball game yesterday, and she did great by herself! Last year, our little CA pup, was not a fan of the thunder at all!

3. Date Night on Wednesday was amazing as usual.  Elephant Bar... SO yummy!

4. Our TV night in is always my favorite! I was a bit disappointed in the bachelorette this week... she sent one of my top 5 home :(  sigh... Robert.

5. Looking forward to today at work... meetings this morning then a company lunch to celebrate 2 months straight of breaking records!... so proud of our little team ♥

...noticing a trend... we spent a lot of nights "in" this week... just the way I like it :)

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