Family Weekend ♥

We kicked off the last weekend with a family dinner at Red Robin.  Funny enough, this set the tone for the rest of the weekend.  Weather was warm, we were busy, so restaurant life it was! Saturday morning we headed out to look at houses with Mom & Dad T.  We saw some great homes...and a couple definite front runners! Of course, one of my favorites was the old fixer upper... that NO ONE else liked. What can I say... I see possibility and I definitely don't take things at face value! But rationally, I get it.  They need a home they can move into... and fast! After all, they're house is in escrow after not even 3 days on the market, gotta love CA housing market! But, it was a fun day... tiring, but fun.  We stopped for lunch at L&L, and then it was to our houses for naps... well, me and the kids took naps!

Later that evening, Aunt Julie came down from Castle Rock, and we headed out to one of our favorites to celebrate Fathers' Day early... The Golden Bee. Again, if its old and has a history...I'm all about it! The Golden Bee is an authentic 19th century English Pup...it makes me happy ;) After the bee, we headed home and Rob and I stayed up with Jack and Kathy, playing pinochle into the late evening... good thing I had that nap!!!

Sunday rolled around and we headed off to church, where after... yep you guessed it.... headed out for lunch with the family and friends from church.  This time it was Cheddars and oh, so yummy! We spent the rest of the day relaxing, playing cards, playing with the kids, and just having some great family time!

I'm sure tired today, but the weekend was so worth it :)

In other news, the fire is now 75% contained! To think not even a week ago my coworkers were being evacuated, and once again, our city was on fire! I'm so thankful for the first responders, and men and women who have devoted their days and nights to keeping us all safe this week.  We are all praying and hopeful that this is it for the summer... NO MORE! The fires weren't close to us this year, as we are more central and the fire was more north, but heartbreaking none the less! I pray that I never take for granted those who fight for my safety... whether its here at home or overseas.  Sacrifice should never be taken for granted. ♥

Have a great week everyone!!! ♥

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