What a Wonderful Weekend!

What a blessed weekend we had!!! We kicked it off on Friday, as we both got off work early.  We decided to head to the movies and beat the rush.  We watched Star Trek...great movie by the way! Then we grabbed dinner and headed home for a night in.

Saturday, Lilly and I ran errands nice and early... of course hitting up Starbucks for our lattes!  Lilly loves her Saturday morning Puppy-Lattes!!! She's such a trooper on our morning errands...she just loves GOING with Mom ;)

Saturday afternoon we headed out to the pool with our favorite little peeps.  It was a great day in the sun...they both loved the water! After the pool, M&L and the little ones headed over to our house for a relaxing evening of eating and just hanging out.  It was a great day!

Sunday was the typical lazy day.  Sleeping in, grocery shopping, and preparing for Monday! Monday morning came and we were up early and heading to the mountains for fishing, shooting, bbq-ing, and some priceless family time! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves! We sure had an amazing weekend!!!

She was the greatest fishing companion ;)

headed out for fishin' and shootin'

pretty sure that most people that know us would be scared ;)

This is so Andy Griffith I can barely stand it ;) My man with his fish!

She was such a trooper, right by my side the whole time!

Mine and Lilly's fish ♥

I told them to give me their best outdoorsmen.... hmmmm.

Us ♥

Rob and his fish!

My little fisher pup!

Rob cleaning our fish...ssshh...he's a country boy at heart!

cards and coffee... great way to wrap up the evening!

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