the power of change = power of prayer

I recently had a friend ask me some marriage advice, let's call her Z.  She came to me since she isn't married and asked how she should give advice to a married friend who was going through a hard time.  & let's face it... we've all been there, in some form or another, we've all hit those bumps in the road.  if you haven't, hold on, I can almost guarantee they're ahead.  Z felt that since she isn't married, she didn't have the experience or the right words to encourage her friend.  My words to her... "you don't have to be married to know the power of prayer." It's that simple.

I learned very early in our marriage that there were things that drove us CRAZY about one another... and not crazy in a good way, crazy in a I want to punch you in the face way.  I definitely have never wanted to be a nagging wife and I know my husband, by nature, is soft spoken.  So, either we were going to drive one another insane within weeks of marriage or we were going to need God to change us...BOTH of us.  You see, that is the key.  You BOTH have to change. Quite frankly, if you are sitting here thinking that your husband is the problem and you aren't... then, my dear, YOU are the problem. And I say that with complete love of course ;)

I have seen God work in our marriage. And that is honestly an understatement.  It is almost super natural when I think about it.  It is amazing how God takes two people and brings them to common ground.  If you pray about something that is bothering you about your spouse, not only is God going to work on them...he's going to change your heart as well. So be prepared.  Be prepared for that "thing" to possibly not even bother you anymore, because after all, who says you aren't the problem to start out with.

This works with the small and large...HUGE things in marriages! I've seen our relationship go from amazing to WOWZA!! ♥ We are a living, walking, breathing testimate to the amazing work God can do in our lives. And remember, we serve a God who is in the business of restoring the unrestorable!

& its been awhile since i've added to my list...

my never ending list continues (why i love my husband) .... 

66. when i'm down right grumpy or i've had a bad day... he doesn't leave me alone. yep you read that right... he DOESN'T listen when i tell him to leave me alone ;) he continues to cuddle me and love me, even in my ugliest moodiness.

67. he sends me text messages and pictures, when he's doing something fun and wishes i was there... or when he knows i wish i was there.....

68.  the way he reassures me of God's plan in our lives and for our marriage.  it does a heart good!

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  1. What a blessed woman you are! We know this because of your Why I Love My Husband list. #66 - WOW!