my ode' to Colorado...

I have lived many places in my lifetime.  I moved around like a gipsy in my early 20's... I've lived in the North. I've lived in the South... lived East of the Mississippi... all the way to the west, right on the Pacific Ocean.
While, yes, I miss waking up to the smell of the ocean breeze, or the beauty of the Blue Grass of Kentucky (aaahhh--chew, I was so allergic to that stuff!), nothing compares to the beauty of the majestic Rocky Mountains.  The wonder of waking up to the gleaming mountain peaks of the front range never gets old.  I really thought they would loose their wonder after a while...but we hit our year mark over a month ago. & nope. I still stand in amazement at my God's handwork.

Here are a few pics of my HOME I've take over the past year

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