my heart ♥

short and sweet today. i'm a lucky, lucky girl!

...my never ending list...

he tells me i'm sexy, beautiful, hot, gorgeous, and the list goes on... at least 10 times a day. let's face it ladies, we never get tired of hearing this ;)

he buys me flowers. (i know i've used this one before...but it never gets old!).

the memories of laughter we make everyday! latest inside joke: "fuddy-duddy" ♥

he understands statements like this:
him: "do you want some ice cream?"
me: "no, i'm fat... have you seen my little debbie cakes?"
yeah i'm pretty ridiculous.

even though he grew up a city boy, he acclimates well to country life. and that is down right sexy!

he pursues me.  i'm his wife. its a done deal. but he still fights for me.♥

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  1. Love that last one! Even though it's a "done deal," man o' man does it feel good to still be pursued!