High Five for Friday!

We have had a fantastic week!!! I saw a fun new link up... "high five Fridays" w/ Lauren Elizabeth

High Five for Friday:
our fantastic Memorial Day we spent in the Mountains with family

a four day work week! whew, even though 4 days somehow feel longer than 5... its nice to see the weekend here again!

Mom & Dad Tisthammer booked their flights to come visit for father's day!!! We are really excited to see them... and for them to {hopefully & prayerfully} find a house while they're here! Can't wait to get more family to Colorado!

We had the TCA end of the year Baseball gathering on Tuesday. What a blessing!! It was a gorgeous evening spent celebrating the guys' season!

Through all the madness and craziness and business of this week... we managed to steal a night in last night! and perfected our lists of top 6 for the bachelorette. hahaha. yes. the hunka-hubs and I made a top five list... much like a tournament bracket. Gotta keep it real. Bets are on me... let me just put it this way... he has Juan Pablo on his list. So not going to happen ♥

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

Have a fantabulous weekend everyone! I know we are planning on it!

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