High Five for Friday!

We have had a fantastic week!!! I saw a fun new link up... "high five Fridays" w/ Lauren Elizabeth

High Five for Friday:
our fantastic Memorial Day we spent in the Mountains with family

a four day work week! whew, even though 4 days somehow feel longer than 5... its nice to see the weekend here again!

Mom & Dad Tisthammer booked their flights to come visit for father's day!!! We are really excited to see them... and for them to {hopefully & prayerfully} find a house while they're here! Can't wait to get more family to Colorado!

We had the TCA end of the year Baseball gathering on Tuesday. What a blessing!! It was a gorgeous evening spent celebrating the guys' season!

Through all the madness and craziness and business of this week... we managed to steal a night in last night! and perfected our lists of top 6 for the bachelorette. hahaha. yes. the hunka-hubs and I made a top five list... much like a tournament bracket. Gotta keep it real. Bets are on me... let me just put it this way... he has Juan Pablo on his list. So not going to happen ♥

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

Have a fantabulous weekend everyone! I know we are planning on it!


my heart ♥

short and sweet today. i'm a lucky, lucky girl!

...my never ending list...

he tells me i'm sexy, beautiful, hot, gorgeous, and the list goes on... at least 10 times a day. let's face it ladies, we never get tired of hearing this ;)

he buys me flowers. (i know i've used this one before...but it never gets old!).

the memories of laughter we make everyday! latest inside joke: "fuddy-duddy" ♥

he understands statements like this:
him: "do you want some ice cream?"
me: "no, i'm fat... have you seen my little debbie cakes?"
yeah i'm pretty ridiculous.

even though he grew up a city boy, he acclimates well to country life. and that is down right sexy!

he pursues me.  i'm his wife. its a done deal. but he still fights for me.♥


What a Wonderful Weekend!

What a blessed weekend we had!!! We kicked it off on Friday, as we both got off work early.  We decided to head to the movies and beat the rush.  We watched Star Trek...great movie by the way! Then we grabbed dinner and headed home for a night in.

Saturday, Lilly and I ran errands nice and early... of course hitting up Starbucks for our lattes!  Lilly loves her Saturday morning Puppy-Lattes!!! She's such a trooper on our morning errands...she just loves GOING with Mom ;)

Saturday afternoon we headed out to the pool with our favorite little peeps.  It was a great day in the sun...they both loved the water! After the pool, M&L and the little ones headed over to our house for a relaxing evening of eating and just hanging out.  It was a great day!

Sunday was the typical lazy day.  Sleeping in, grocery shopping, and preparing for Monday! Monday morning came and we were up early and heading to the mountains for fishing, shooting, bbq-ing, and some priceless family time! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves! We sure had an amazing weekend!!!

She was the greatest fishing companion ;)

headed out for fishin' and shootin'

pretty sure that most people that know us would be scared ;)

This is so Andy Griffith I can barely stand it ;) My man with his fish!

She was such a trooper, right by my side the whole time!

Mine and Lilly's fish ♥

I told them to give me their best outdoorsmen.... hmmmm.

Us ♥

Rob and his fish!

My little fisher pup!

Rob cleaning our fish...ssshh...he's a country boy at heart!

cards and coffee... great way to wrap up the evening!


Sunday Goodness ♥

Gosh I love three day weekends! Memorial Day weekend has always been one of my favorites; a weekend to remember, a weekend to be thankful, and a weekend to spend time with family and enjoy life.  We kicked off the weekend on Friday early afternoon and are having a great one!! I'm sure I'll post a blog recapping our weekend in a few days...but for now, I thought I'd link up with Sunday Social! I haven't participated in Sunday Social for quite a while!

Sunday Social

1. What is your best summer memory as a kid?
Summers in general were amazing for me as a kid.  They were spent with my 20+ animals, on our 100acre farm.  I would often wake up in the morning and head out on "adventures" with them, spending time on my jungle gym swing set, playing basketball, or roller skating on our basketball court.  It was truly the best childhood! 
Also, every summer my family vacationed at Myrtle Beach, SC.  Those 2weeek beach vacations are treasured family memories! 

2. What is your favorite summer drink?
My Granny's Sweet Tea! ... now my Momma's or my version of her southern sweet tea ♥

3. What is your favorite summer TV show?
hmm.. super excited to have PLL come back on! Not sure if its my favorite "summer" tv show though.  Also excited for the bachelorette  to start! 

4. What is the best outdoor summer activity?
Camping, BB-q'ing, or sitting around a bonfire. 

5. What are your summer vacation essentials?
flip-flops, sunglasses, swimsuit, and a cute summer dress


how I know...

..... Because He knows. 
Not only has my world been rocked this past month, also my understanding of God. I know GASP! We aren't suppose to admit that right?! I say... WRONG. 

After my initial post, regarding our loss, I had several people address me privately thanking me for my openness and for sharing our experience. I'm a big believer that its encouraging to know you aren't alone; to know the things you feel are "normal" (whatever that means these days). So I've decided to elaborate a bit more on my spiritual journey the past month or so, & how I feel closer to my savior and more loved than ever. This is one of those trials that the enemy loves... Loves to try to shake you and break you. So this left me with wondering how do I know God is in control?.... 

You know when your faith can't be shaken. When every fiber of your being feels broken and you can't begin to understand or comprehend the why. Yet at the end of the day you can honestly say, "You are my God & I will follow and trust you to the end of my days." That doesn't mean I always like His decisions for me at the time but that's where trust, patience, and surrender comes in. 

I have pretty honest & transparent relationships. That's how I do things.  I'm a wear my heart on my sleeve type of person. That doesn't change when I'm talking with God. He knows I don't understand. He knows I'm a bit angry and upset. He knows I'm hurt and feel like he put this amazing desire in my heart just to crush it. But He also knows those things would never keep me from stopping and bowing at his feet. He knows.  
At least once a day I find myself asking, God why did you bring us to this season? We are "suppose to" be in the season you prepared my heart for... But here we are back at square one with this added bag of sorrow. And you know the great thing... 
He never tires of my questions. He just gently reminds me "be still"   

I know I will (probably) never know the whys or the path we detoured from and that's ok. It really is. I know without a doubt that God has a plan for us and it is better than anything i could conjure. & the greatest thing. Again, He knows. He sees my heart and knows that even with my questions of why, that I really don't want an answer... That its just me. Me being honest with my savior. I find so much beauty in this. 

I'm learning, at the end of the day this isn't my story or Rob's, it's His. He is the dreamer of my dreams. So I'm letting go. I'm letting His dreams become mine, whatever those may be. I pray that He continues to show me the path he has written for us, because I sure don't want to miss what He has for us! This is me... Choosing God's story, not my own. 


my ode' to Colorado...

I have lived many places in my lifetime.  I moved around like a gipsy in my early 20's... I've lived in the North. I've lived in the South... lived East of the Mississippi... all the way to the west, right on the Pacific Ocean.
While, yes, I miss waking up to the smell of the ocean breeze, or the beauty of the Blue Grass of Kentucky (aaahhh--chew, I was so allergic to that stuff!), nothing compares to the beauty of the majestic Rocky Mountains.  The wonder of waking up to the gleaming mountain peaks of the front range never gets old.  I really thought they would loose their wonder after a while...but we hit our year mark over a month ago. & nope. I still stand in amazement at my God's handwork.

Here are a few pics of my HOME I've take over the past year


the power of change = power of prayer

I recently had a friend ask me some marriage advice, let's call her Z.  She came to me since she isn't married and asked how she should give advice to a married friend who was going through a hard time.  & let's face it... we've all been there, in some form or another, we've all hit those bumps in the road.  if you haven't, hold on, I can almost guarantee they're ahead.  Z felt that since she isn't married, she didn't have the experience or the right words to encourage her friend.  My words to her... "you don't have to be married to know the power of prayer." It's that simple.

I learned very early in our marriage that there were things that drove us CRAZY about one another... and not crazy in a good way, crazy in a I want to punch you in the face way.  I definitely have never wanted to be a nagging wife and I know my husband, by nature, is soft spoken.  So, either we were going to drive one another insane within weeks of marriage or we were going to need God to change us...BOTH of us.  You see, that is the key.  You BOTH have to change. Quite frankly, if you are sitting here thinking that your husband is the problem and you aren't... then, my dear, YOU are the problem. And I say that with complete love of course ;)

I have seen God work in our marriage. And that is honestly an understatement.  It is almost super natural when I think about it.  It is amazing how God takes two people and brings them to common ground.  If you pray about something that is bothering you about your spouse, not only is God going to work on them...he's going to change your heart as well. So be prepared.  Be prepared for that "thing" to possibly not even bother you anymore, because after all, who says you aren't the problem to start out with.

This works with the small and large...HUGE things in marriages! I've seen our relationship go from amazing to WOWZA!! ♥ We are a living, walking, breathing testimate to the amazing work God can do in our lives. And remember, we serve a God who is in the business of restoring the unrestorable!

& its been awhile since i've added to my list...

my never ending list continues (why i love my husband) .... 

66. when i'm down right grumpy or i've had a bad day... he doesn't leave me alone. yep you read that right... he DOESN'T listen when i tell him to leave me alone ;) he continues to cuddle me and love me, even in my ugliest moodiness.

67. he sends me text messages and pictures, when he's doing something fun and wishes i was there... or when he knows i wish i was there.....

68.  the way he reassures me of God's plan in our lives and for our marriage.  it does a heart good!


fun in the sun.

One of our new feats....
We have decided to attempt to go on a hike every weekend. Last weekend we hiked a couple trails at Stratton Open Space.  Since my maiden name is Stratton, to me, this was a given ;) It was a gorgeous day.  We hiked and Lilly was able to take a swim in a nearby reservoir.

This past weekend, we both worked Saturday and Sunday, but that didn't stop us.  We headed out Sunday afternoon to the Garden of the Gods for a quick hike.  It was a perfect day! We enjoyed the amazing gorgeous view, time together, and even hung out with a few deer along the way.

We might not get a hike in this weekend...but we are definitely planning on getting some fishing and quality family time in.  Memorial day weekend is one of my absolute favorites.  A 3day weekend with no expectations.  Just relaxation.

Enjoy it. We plan to ♥


...the tough stuff...

the tough stuff isn't fun to blog about.  its the stuff you want to hide.lock it up.bury it deep.

but, when i started this blog, my intention was to blog about the good and the bad. the glorious and the ugly.

now that i am on my way to healing, i feel that i can open up and share my experience over the last few months.  i went from being blog silent due to joy that was bubbling out of me that i KNEW that if i attempted to blog i would blab our good news... that went from an absence due to tremendous heartbreak and sorrow.

st. patty's day 2013 is a day i will never forget.  the day those double pink lines popped on that dollar store pregnancy test.  rob got home from work that morning and i said "catch" & threw the positive test at him.  he immediately grinned from ear to ear. he knew, but still asked... what's this? to which my response was, "what do you think it is?! WE ARE HAVING A BABY!".  i was a little over a month along. it was seriously one of the best days of my life.  we got pregnant quickly after we decided to start trying. everything felt like it was right with the world. that our lives were complete! we were on top of the world.  at 8 weeks we had our first appointment.  this is the day our lives were changed forever.  the day we found out that our precious baby had stopped growing and there wasn't a heartbeat.  i honestly can say i have never felt such a deep sadness as i have felt over the past few weeks. the emptiness is indescribable. the last month has been a bit of a blur, as if we are in a bad dream.  i've spent many days crying. crying all day.  the pain is something only few know, the few that have been down this road.

today i sit typing, on my road to healing. i'm feeling more and more like my old self everyday. i'm seeing the light at the end of this dark journey. emotionally, there are still rough days, but God has given me a strength i didn't even know was possible. the constant emptiness and loss is still there, but i'm strong enough to carry it. God has also blessed me with a husband who has walked this journey with me, often carrying me through it.  i can't begin to describe his devotion and love for me over the last couple of months.  we have been through tough stuff before and that has resulted in strength in our relationship.  this. i can't even begin to tell you the depth our marriage/relationship/love has grown.

we are hopeful. we trust in God's plan in our lives and the future he has for us and our family.

.God Restores.

*we chose not to tell anyone but parents and siblings until our appointment, so if you are reading this wondering, why didn't they tell me... that is why. and now, the pain that goes with telling people about this loss is even harder. so please don't feel offended if you didn't know.  by blogging about it, i'm hoping to bring hope to others and closure to myself. thank you for your understanding!