thursday morning love

good morning! can i just tell you how amazingly excited i am that it is thursday! that it is almost the weekend!!! today marks my 18th day of 19 straight days of work. yep. straight. no days off. none. nada. i myself almost can't believe it.  i have never in my life been a workaholic. sure, i've always had a good work ethic, but when its 5, and especially 5 on a friday. i'm done. ready to spend time with my family and relax until monday.  well. the last couple weekends have been crazy busy for my company. homeshow season is upon us.  so there i found myself working 2 weekends in a row.  and that's not all. from those homeshows comes a flood of business, which is incredible...but makes for crazy busy, lunch hour-less days! wow. i'm tired just thinking about it ;) but as i sit here, swimming in my coffee pot, i am so incredibly thankful for a job i enjoy, coworkers who are not just friends but are becoming more like family.  i also find myself thankful for an amazing God who even when i don't get physical rest, he keeps me going. i won't pretend that the last few days my patience hasn't been wearing thin, or the fact that people in general drive me a bit insane... but here we go. its thursday. tomorrow is friday. and then whew... 2 days off!!! :)

i also have a trip planned this month to go see my family in MO... much to long over due! i wasn't able to go back when my Granny passed the beginning of January, so i've been trying to get back every since.  but there have been so many transitions at work... i'm finally seeing the light! we've got a few new people coming on board, my back up has been working with us for about a month now, and i'm in the process of training her to cover for me while i'm gone.  what a blessing.

yay! ok, now for a bit of husband love, as i continue to add to my never ending list of reasons i love my husband, along with the ladies over at happy wives club.

the gentle embraces and kisses i receive if he wakes up in the middle of the night. i might be asleep, but i feel the love. that's for sure. they're my favorite. a pure, no strings attached, kiss on the forehead. makes my heart flutter.

i really think he is always thinking of me.  he brings me home things from the store that he thinks i might like to take to work for lunch.  this week, mini-to-go-salads. complete with his suggestion to boil an egg, because he knows i ADORE boiled eggs on my salad. ♥

he never thinks twice about running errands for me to the store, and grabbing me things that aren't so manly... anything form purple razors to tampons. i try not to ask him too often...but as you read above, life has been crazy as of late ;)

he's a coach at heart.  he's coaching high school baseball again and i can tell it brings him so much joy. i love that he loves sports as well as investing in young men's lives.  

he trusts me. i work with a majority of men. i love that he trusts me and encourages me in my work. he isn't threatened, and that is pretty darn sexy!

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