it's a lovely life

it's been awhile since i've sat down and blogged about life and its happenings as of late.  it's been a busy one!  i traveled back to MO to see my parents this past weekend...a 5 day weekend with family was just what I needed.  we have a lot of exciting things happening these days and it was so good to stop, relax, simplify, and just rest.  i was able to not only see my parents, but also my sister and her family, as well as many people who i grew up with and are so special to me from my early years.  

it's also been awhile since i added to my never ending list.  the ladies i was previous linking up with moved the link up to mondays...but oh well.  here it is thursday, and i'm just gonna keep my list going :) it's going to be a short and sweet one today, because really all of them can be summed up in one brief statement.  

65.  he loves me better than anyone else in the world.  i enjoy being around him every second of the day and can never get enough. i love that he's always excited to see me...whether its been 5 days or 5 hours.  hes my best friend and an amazing man of God.  i hit the jackpot! ♥

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