this weekend i....

God, You are so good! Thank you for your grace God! I thank you for the last few days I've had with Rob and with our family! As we begin our weeks today, I ask that help us be open to what You have for us this week.  I pray that you order our steps, directing us to where You want us, God.  God, I praise you for this life you have given me and for Rob! I am so blessed with this life you allow me to live.  I pray that you continue to purpose us for your will, God & I pray for continued favor for both of us this week.  

Since I've failed to catch up on our happenings the last few days, I decided to link up again today with Syndal over at Synfully Delicious; ....

Its a great way to link up with some great people and also recap our last few days!

On my Valentines day post, I was sharing with you all how my husband makes me feel special every day... not just on Valentines, making everyday fun, exciting, and memorable.  He never disappoints.  I came home to freshly baked Valentine's Day fun-fetti cupcakes, and the cutest gift bag full off goodies and the cutest card! We exchanged Valentine's Day gifts {so glad we weren't buying each other anything this year...we neither one are very good at following rules, even our own} then headed off for dinner at our favorite, hole in the wall, Japanese Restaurant.  It's a hidden treasure, so there was no wait.  The sushi was delicious!! We had an amazing evening, celebrating us! & in our true style... the fun continued the whole weekend!

Friday evening, we kept the celebrations going! Rob took me out to an amazing, all out, dinner at Applebees {steak, shrimp, ribs, you name it!} And then shopping! I then, was treated to a new pair of shoes... the cutest black wedges, and a new purse... purple of course ;)

Saturday morning brought sleeping in with our Lil-bee-pup, as we enjoyed breakfast and coffee in bed, thanks to my amazing hunka-hunka-husband! Saturday was a gorgeous day! It was sunny and warm in the 50's, so we headed out to the zoo with M&L and the kiddos! Levi was so excited to show Aunt-Ree his zoo! They have passes and since this was my first time at his zoo, he had fun showing me all his favorites! It was such a great, fun, relaxing day!

The Giraffes were SO cool!!! 
{Hello There!}
Rob and I had big plans to have another date night, jr.high style, Saturday night... food court and glow-golf.  But after we got home from the zoo, sat down and took a breather... our date night turned into a date night in, with Little Caesars and taken2! It as still a wonderful night! We are both such homebodies... after going out 2 nights in a row, and being gone for a good part of the day Saturday...home and together is all we wanted! ♥

We were able to wrap up the weekend with family dinner at the Harrison's last night!  Yummy meatloaf and potatoes and of course good family fun and fellowship! It was a great end to the weekend and start of our week! As I woke up to a beautiful sunrise and a skiff of snow on the ground, I'm so ready to get this week started! Today is the beginning of 14days straight of work for me... we have home show's the next two weekends! So that's a bit overwhelming, but I'm ready to get it underway... and out of the way ;) So, if you don't see a post for me for awhile, that's why... if so... see you in March ♥

Have a great week everyone!!! xoxo

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  1. So it'll be glow golf and food court this weekend?? Loved reading all you and Rob did. You make marriage look great!