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Good Morning! This morning I'm linking up with Syndal over at Synfully Delicious with a weekend recap! What a weekend! I have to say it was magnificent! 

Friday night, I came home to an amazing steak dinner, complete with twice baked potatoes and steamed broccoli! My husband spoils me so much!!! We then spent the rest of the evening in together, hanging out, playing a couple games, and just being together. I adore nights like that!!!

Saturday, I slept in then headed out to Starbucks with my Lilly-pup for a toffee nut and a puppy latte! Its slowly but surely become our Saturday morning tradition. ♥  We then stopped at the park so that Lilly could run some of that sugar out ;) She and I then stopped by our local thrift store... it was 99cent sweater day!... I was in heaven!!! chu-ching!

Saturday we had declared a stay home in comfy clothes and do nothing day! & that it was! We grabbed Pei-Wei take out for a late lunch early dinner, and cuddled up to watch Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer.  Yep.  I loved it! Fabulous movie.  Ok, yes, a bit ridiculous! But It combined history, vampires, and action/thriller.  What more could you ask for! There was even a love story in there, of course! 

Sunday brought a day of family fun! Rob bought a giant 3D dragon kite this past week, for Levi and I to share.  {he buys a lot of things for Levi and I to share... what can I say. Never grow up!} So we headed out on a cold, blustery, Sunday to fly a kite.

I then got to wrap up my evening last night with this little guy and his sister.  Rob had a friend over to watch the Grammy's, which I couldn't have cared less about... so I was more than happy to hang out with my favorite teeny-tinies, and eat mac-n-cheese and trees, popcorn, put our pj's on, and watch Madagascar in our big comfy bed! It was a cold snowy-evening... it was just a great way to wrap up the weekend!  When their mommy-dadda, came to pick them up, they were both sound asleep! Levi snuggled right up to a sleeping rob-rob.  seriously. the cutest thing ever. 

I woke up this morning to even more snow! It is gorgeous out!!! I'm so thankful that I have a mass oray of windows in front of me this morning! I'm enjoying the view and a nice relaxing Monday (knock on wood!).  

Have a great week everyone! ♥ xoxo

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  1. Staying home and doing nothing kinds of days are the best!

    xoxo Jamie