{snow day, aka much needed slow down}

As my Thursday, "norm" I'm linking up with Fawn and all the marvelous happy wives, over at Happy Wives Club today.  As I read Fawn's post today, I was encouraged that someone was also like me and also reminded that God gives us "rest" when we need it the most! I mentioned in my last post that the next two weeks are extremely busy for me! In fact, we are talking 14 days straight of work.  Spring is a busy time for my company, as it is Home Show season... so business is booming! Don't get me wrong, this is wonderful!!! & I honestly enjoy every minute, but it also leaves me drained at the end of each work day and exhausted; I'm talking 5:00 I'm ready to be home and do nothing... nothing social, just relax and spend time with the husband.

Well, today, brought a welcomed interruption   We woke up to inches upon inches of snow!! I believe they are estimating we have anywhere from 5-7inches, and are expected to get 3 more today.  So here I am, working from home today, in my pj's.  Sure, I still have a bit of work to do and some people to call...but it is a lot slower paced than being in the office.  It was just what I needed! AND I am also thankful for a boss who doesn't insist on us coming in, even though there is tons of snow on the ground! What a blessing!


{the never ending list}

he can make a mean breakfast quesadilla! & serves it to me in bed, complete with coffee!

even after all these years, he still flirts with me!

he makes life fun.  if i'm grumpy or taking things too serious, he always tries to snap me out of it.

he's supportive and ok with me dropping a few hundred bucks to go see my family in a few weeks... even though it totally inconveniences him.

even though we knew there was a good chance i'd be staying in today, he still left the 4x4 (the safest car) for me today, just in case.

he spoils me. A LOT. i'm sure i've used this one before...but even the day after valentines day, he already gave me a gift and a card... he took me shopping for new shoes and a purse! he shows me how much he constantly thinks of me!

he cleans the cat's litter box. i hate doing this. so does he. it's really "my job", but as i went down to the laundry room this morning, i found a clean and tidy litterbox!

he's so smart! seriously. you give this guy numbers and watch him go... all while i'm still sitting there counting on my fingers ;)

he rational and realistic. even on my hormonal, irrational, cray-cray days he brings me back down. he's my gravity.

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  1. I'm at home working in my PJs today, as well! And I'm about to take a late lunch break and go for a run. I'm telling you, that online task management list has freed my mind from trying to remember all the things I need to get done to categorizing them based on importance. So I can go for a run... Thanks for linking up, Carrie, so I could come over and see your never-ending list (how rapidly is it growing :)).