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as i woke this morning with my husband at 1am, as he was coughing and hacking, ... after his wonderful skiing trip has caught a cold, i knew i would meet exhaustion as my alarm went off.  i can't imagine how he felt at 4 am this morning as his went off.  so, as i sit, swimming in my coffee pot, i can't help but thank God for him, our life together, and our jobs that we both are sleepily arriving at this morning. we both worked a majority of the weekend, also lending itself to a grumpy monday morning, however, again, one cannot help but be thankful & grateful.

this weekend i....

• we were treated to an amazing lasagna dinner Friday night.  my wonderful sis-in-law, Leah, fixed an amazing italian meal for us.  it completely hit the spot.  we then had a relaxing evening, sitting and visiting, and laughing hysterically at levi.  it was a good evening.

• saturday came early, as we both got up, had breakfast together, then headed off to work.  my day consisted of a very successful day at our homeshow.  we wrapped up the evening cuddling in bed and drifting off to sleep around 8:30-9pm... yep.  we're old... and work hard!

• sunday came early as well, as we both headed to work again.  our day was a bit shorter yesterday.  i got home, and then we somehow found ourselves at costco buying a new couch! we are so blessed! again, we are very simple people. we really don't have a lot of "things", but we definitely had been wanting a new couch downstairs in our "tv room"... we had been using Rob's old futon, and well, it is not very conducive when you have company over.  so now, we have a huge sectional, which i absolutely love!!! it feels almost like a football...super soft leather.  we wrapped up the evening cuddling on the couch, watching a bit of the oscars...have i mentioned i am not a fan of award shows?! i'm sooo reminded of this around this time of the year!

As I start my Monday, I am hopeful and expectant of a great week!

Have a great one everyone! xoxo


  1. New couch?! Woohoo! Congratulations! I was gifted two couches when I moved to Texas from family members, so I've been blessed So sweet.

    Thanks for linking up, Carrie!

  2. So how has your week been so far? The hubby's cold? Wishing you a beautiful remainder of the week!

    1. Sooo busy, Fawn :) but good! I didn't even have time to link up today! So sad :( Rob is feeling much better ❤ thank you for asking! Hope you're having a wonderful week!