isn't life funny?

all through my early to late twenties, i wanted to be a world changer.  i found myself, often, disappointed that i wasn't out literally changing the world.  to me this meant, possibly in Africa  helping orphans, or in south america leading people to Christ.  however, when i look back on my twenties, i can't help but be a bit astonished that i didn't realize the impact i was actually making, shaping young minds, working with and teaching children, saving innocent animals' lives, and also working with the mentally ill. as i'm settling down here in my thirties, and determined in simplifying my life, it doesn't seem quite as important to change the world. i'm more focused on my family, and the life we are building.  we've slowed down. we've simplified. and its nice. but it has also given me prospective.  the minds that i was shaping when i was 18-22 are now in their teens or entering their teens.  yes, it also makes me feel old, but it makes me approach God in prayer for the 30+ children who were my life all those years.  I pray that I, along with their parents, created a good foundation for them to guide them through their lives.  I pray that I supplied them with sufficient knowledge and tools to love and learn all they need and want to.  I also find myself thinking about all the animals who are now in homes across the nation, who were in danger of being euthanized.  I pray that they are happy and bringing joy to their families.  And lastly, but definitely not least, the people I have worked with over the years, through my college years as well as my last job.  I pray that they saw a light in me and my coworkers. I pray that they continue to seek "healthy" and continue to also seek God.

As I look back on what I will remember as my wild-child, change the world years, I remember all the amazing families.  The families of the children I taught, who invited me into their lives and into their homes on numerous occasions.  I will remember the families who welcomed abandoned animals into their hearts, homes, and family with open arms, selflessly.  And those people fighting mental illness daily.  They are stronger than I could ever imagine being.  They invited me into a part of their lives not seen by many.  The broken, struggling, scary side, that was also extremely hopeful and thankful.  I learned so much from them about life.

My perspective now on my years passed, reminds me that is what its all about...perspective.  True, I wasn't changing the whole world, but I will always truly believe we can all make a difference in whatever we are doing, if we are doing it with our whole hearts.  As long as we are finding our purpose in God, He will use us to be world changers... whether it's the whole world, or just a few amazing peoples' world.

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