a welcomed interuption. ♥

As I started my busy day this morning, I thought, "oh my goodness, it's Thursday all ready... there's no way I have time to link up today!" (& also internally thought, you knew you would be busy, why didn't you schedule an entry!!!).  But, a blog I read yesterday popped into my head. How to Start a Small Kitchen Fire.  Amazing entry for us busy wives.  It was a great reminder to "{Stop} my whole world and {interrupt} my hectic schedule and important plans. To love on him".  

So here goes... my continuous, never ending list, of why my gorgeous husband is so wonderful. If you missed last week's list, you can find it here.

41} he gets gas for me.  he fills my car up with gas whenever its needed... i honestly can't remember the last time i pumped gas for myself!

42} he makes me proud to be his Mrs! 
43} he makes me happy when skies are grey.  seriously. he knows just what to say or do when I need it... and if he doesn't, he asks! 

44} he cleans our house.  i'm pretty sure i've used this one before. but come on... how great is a husband who cleans!!! 

45} even when he's frustrated or mad, he's so darn cute!

46} he's open to God's work in him.  how do I know this? because I see the amazing changes he makes on a daily to weekly to monthly basis!!! God is so good... and so is a man who obeys Him!

47} i can never get enough of him.  and he's ok with that ♥ he's my favorite person, and i just love being around him!

Why I Love My Husband

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  1. I saw the How to Start a Small Kitchen Fire by Lisa (c/o Darlene's blog) and thought that was SO cool! I love seeing your blog when you link up. First off, I just adore the font you use. It can be hard to read sometimes but still very cool!