30 days of blogging {day 3}

Day 3: Describe your relationship with your parents.

wow. my parents.  they are about the most amazing people you will ever meet! i consider them my rock, my compass, and my best friends. 

i could sit here and write a book on how they have continued to support me over and over... but i'll try to keep it brief.  

i grew up playing volleyball.  seriously, playing.  we are talking year round.  i started playing club ball when i was 11 and the year round playing didn't stop til the summer after my senior year. it was my dream, so they made it theirs.  taking me to practice several times a week, an hour away, traveling to tournaments anywhere from an hour away to 8+ hours away.  sacrificing our family easter every year so that i could be in New Orleans, playing in a huge invitational tournament.  they never complained. they never made me feel guilty.  they only thing they did make me feel... like i could do anything. i was following my dream and that seemed to be enough for them.  

as the possibility of playing in college approached, i found myself in major burn out mode! i didn't pursue it to the extent that i probably should have, but that didn't stop my club teammates from pursuing it for me.  as they went on tryouts and coaches asked them about a setter, the suggested me.  much to my disbelief my name started circulating... with no effort from me.  as coaches began to call me, i was less than excited. as a full-ride was offered to me, i turned it down without much thought.  as i walked away from it, the only regret was my parents.  i was scared what they might think, what they might feel.  after all, they had sacrificed so much for me to achieve a dream that i just decided i didn't want anymore.  the fear of disappointing them sank in. 

this marked a first memorable moment in my relationship with my parents, as an "adult".  they weren't mad or angry, at least they didn't show it.  they asked me questions, making sure this was the decision i wanted to make...to walk away from something that had a hold of me for so long, from the dream i had since i was a little girl.

this story pretty much sums up my relationship with them. they're always there for me. even during the times i disappoint them the most. the times i fall the farthest.  they have picked me up, dusted me off, and pointed me in the direction they know i want to go. that's the thing about family. they seem to always know the direction you want to go when you forget. 

i'm blessed to have grown up with parents who:

 told me they loved me several times a day. 

made sure i knew i could do anything i set my mind to.  

told me i was beautiful...inside and out. 

taught me how to be a lady with class and spunk. 

and most importantly... pointed me to Christ.

i owe a lot more than just my life to my parents.  i am who i am because of them & because of their love.  gratefulness just doesn't quite seem like enough.

love you momma & daddy! ♥

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