morning, coffee, reflections

as i woke this morning with my husband at 1am, as he was coughing and hacking, ... after his wonderful skiing trip has caught a cold, i knew i would meet exhaustion as my alarm went off.  i can't imagine how he felt at 4 am this morning as his went off.  so, as i sit, swimming in my coffee pot, i can't help but thank God for him, our life together, and our jobs that we both are sleepily arriving at this morning. we both worked a majority of the weekend, also lending itself to a grumpy monday morning, however, again, one cannot help but be thankful & grateful.

this weekend i....

• we were treated to an amazing lasagna dinner Friday night.  my wonderful sis-in-law, Leah, fixed an amazing italian meal for us.  it completely hit the spot.  we then had a relaxing evening, sitting and visiting, and laughing hysterically at levi.  it was a good evening.

• saturday came early, as we both got up, had breakfast together, then headed off to work.  my day consisted of a very successful day at our homeshow.  we wrapped up the evening cuddling in bed and drifting off to sleep around 8:30-9pm... yep.  we're old... and work hard!

• sunday came early as well, as we both headed to work again.  our day was a bit shorter yesterday.  i got home, and then we somehow found ourselves at costco buying a new couch! we are so blessed! again, we are very simple people. we really don't have a lot of "things", but we definitely had been wanting a new couch downstairs in our "tv room"... we had been using Rob's old futon, and well, it is not very conducive when you have company over.  so now, we have a huge sectional, which i absolutely love!!! it feels almost like a football...super soft leather.  we wrapped up the evening cuddling on the couch, watching a bit of the oscars...have i mentioned i am not a fan of award shows?! i'm sooo reminded of this around this time of the year!

As I start my Monday, I am hopeful and expectant of a great week!

Have a great one everyone! xoxo


my snow bunny

So on Friday, Rob got to experience one of my favorites... skiing! After a few late night tips from me on Thursday, he hit the slopes Friday morning with his bro and Brian.  I've heard he was a natural, and even saw videos to prove it ;) I can't wait to go skiing together!


{snow day, aka much needed slow down}

As my Thursday, "norm" I'm linking up with Fawn and all the marvelous happy wives, over at Happy Wives Club today.  As I read Fawn's post today, I was encouraged that someone was also like me and also reminded that God gives us "rest" when we need it the most! I mentioned in my last post that the next two weeks are extremely busy for me! In fact, we are talking 14 days straight of work.  Spring is a busy time for my company, as it is Home Show season... so business is booming! Don't get me wrong, this is wonderful!!! & I honestly enjoy every minute, but it also leaves me drained at the end of each work day and exhausted; I'm talking 5:00 I'm ready to be home and do nothing... nothing social, just relax and spend time with the husband.

Well, today, brought a welcomed interruption   We woke up to inches upon inches of snow!! I believe they are estimating we have anywhere from 5-7inches, and are expected to get 3 more today.  So here I am, working from home today, in my pj's.  Sure, I still have a bit of work to do and some people to call...but it is a lot slower paced than being in the office.  It was just what I needed! AND I am also thankful for a boss who doesn't insist on us coming in, even though there is tons of snow on the ground! What a blessing!


{the never ending list}

he can make a mean breakfast quesadilla! & serves it to me in bed, complete with coffee!

even after all these years, he still flirts with me!

he makes life fun.  if i'm grumpy or taking things too serious, he always tries to snap me out of it.

he's supportive and ok with me dropping a few hundred bucks to go see my family in a few weeks... even though it totally inconveniences him.

even though we knew there was a good chance i'd be staying in today, he still left the 4x4 (the safest car) for me today, just in case.

he spoils me. A LOT. i'm sure i've used this one before...but even the day after valentines day, he already gave me a gift and a card... he took me shopping for new shoes and a purse! he shows me how much he constantly thinks of me!

he cleans the cat's litter box. i hate doing this. so does he. it's really "my job", but as i went down to the laundry room this morning, i found a clean and tidy litterbox!

he's so smart! seriously. you give this guy numbers and watch him go... all while i'm still sitting there counting on my fingers ;)

he rational and realistic. even on my hormonal, irrational, cray-cray days he brings me back down. he's my gravity.


this weekend i....

God, You are so good! Thank you for your grace God! I thank you for the last few days I've had with Rob and with our family! As we begin our weeks today, I ask that help us be open to what You have for us this week.  I pray that you order our steps, directing us to where You want us, God.  God, I praise you for this life you have given me and for Rob! I am so blessed with this life you allow me to live.  I pray that you continue to purpose us for your will, God & I pray for continued favor for both of us this week.  

Since I've failed to catch up on our happenings the last few days, I decided to link up again today with Syndal over at Synfully Delicious; ....

Its a great way to link up with some great people and also recap our last few days!

On my Valentines day post, I was sharing with you all how my husband makes me feel special every day... not just on Valentines, making everyday fun, exciting, and memorable.  He never disappoints.  I came home to freshly baked Valentine's Day fun-fetti cupcakes, and the cutest gift bag full off goodies and the cutest card! We exchanged Valentine's Day gifts {so glad we weren't buying each other anything this year...we neither one are very good at following rules, even our own} then headed off for dinner at our favorite, hole in the wall, Japanese Restaurant.  It's a hidden treasure, so there was no wait.  The sushi was delicious!! We had an amazing evening, celebrating us! & in our true style... the fun continued the whole weekend!

Friday evening, we kept the celebrations going! Rob took me out to an amazing, all out, dinner at Applebees {steak, shrimp, ribs, you name it!} And then shopping! I then, was treated to a new pair of shoes... the cutest black wedges, and a new purse... purple of course ;)

Saturday morning brought sleeping in with our Lil-bee-pup, as we enjoyed breakfast and coffee in bed, thanks to my amazing hunka-hunka-husband! Saturday was a gorgeous day! It was sunny and warm in the 50's, so we headed out to the zoo with M&L and the kiddos! Levi was so excited to show Aunt-Ree his zoo! They have passes and since this was my first time at his zoo, he had fun showing me all his favorites! It was such a great, fun, relaxing day!

The Giraffes were SO cool!!! 
{Hello There!}
Rob and I had big plans to have another date night, jr.high style, Saturday night... food court and glow-golf.  But after we got home from the zoo, sat down and took a breather... our date night turned into a date night in, with Little Caesars and taken2! It as still a wonderful night! We are both such homebodies... after going out 2 nights in a row, and being gone for a good part of the day Saturday...home and together is all we wanted! ♥

We were able to wrap up the weekend with family dinner at the Harrison's last night!  Yummy meatloaf and potatoes and of course good family fun and fellowship! It was a great end to the weekend and start of our week! As I woke up to a beautiful sunrise and a skiff of snow on the ground, I'm so ready to get this week started! Today is the beginning of 14days straight of work for me... we have home show's the next two weekends! So that's a bit overwhelming, but I'm ready to get it underway... and out of the way ;) So, if you don't see a post for me for awhile, that's why... if so... see you in March ♥

Have a great week everyone!!! xoxo


isn't life funny?

all through my early to late twenties, i wanted to be a world changer.  i found myself, often, disappointed that i wasn't out literally changing the world.  to me this meant, possibly in Africa  helping orphans, or in south america leading people to Christ.  however, when i look back on my twenties, i can't help but be a bit astonished that i didn't realize the impact i was actually making, shaping young minds, working with and teaching children, saving innocent animals' lives, and also working with the mentally ill. as i'm settling down here in my thirties, and determined in simplifying my life, it doesn't seem quite as important to change the world. i'm more focused on my family, and the life we are building.  we've slowed down. we've simplified. and its nice. but it has also given me prospective.  the minds that i was shaping when i was 18-22 are now in their teens or entering their teens.  yes, it also makes me feel old, but it makes me approach God in prayer for the 30+ children who were my life all those years.  I pray that I, along with their parents, created a good foundation for them to guide them through their lives.  I pray that I supplied them with sufficient knowledge and tools to love and learn all they need and want to.  I also find myself thinking about all the animals who are now in homes across the nation, who were in danger of being euthanized.  I pray that they are happy and bringing joy to their families.  And lastly, but definitely not least, the people I have worked with over the years, through my college years as well as my last job.  I pray that they saw a light in me and my coworkers. I pray that they continue to seek "healthy" and continue to also seek God.

As I look back on what I will remember as my wild-child, change the world years, I remember all the amazing families.  The families of the children I taught, who invited me into their lives and into their homes on numerous occasions.  I will remember the families who welcomed abandoned animals into their hearts, homes, and family with open arms, selflessly.  And those people fighting mental illness daily.  They are stronger than I could ever imagine being.  They invited me into a part of their lives not seen by many.  The broken, struggling, scary side, that was also extremely hopeful and thankful.  I learned so much from them about life.

My perspective now on my years passed, reminds me that is what its all about...perspective.  True, I wasn't changing the whole world, but I will always truly believe we can all make a difference in whatever we are doing, if we are doing it with our whole hearts.  As long as we are finding our purpose in God, He will use us to be world changers... whether it's the whole world, or just a few amazing peoples' world.


.just an ordinary day. {february 14th}

I have to say that I am so blessed. Blessed to have a husband that spoils me and loves on me in abundance, everyday.  Sure, valentines day is fun, and cute, and oh so fun to celebrate, but when it comes right down to it, is it really different than any other day? nope. And for that I'm thankful.  Thankful that I am so fortunate to be a part of this fun and loving marriage. He brought me flowers on Saturday, just because. Not because it was a day he felt like he should, but because he saw a bouquet of flowers and thought of me. Those moments mean more to me than any, somewhat, forced holiday.  Sure, we will head out to a fun date night together tonight, enjoying each other's company and some yummy sushi... and will also continue to celebrate this weekend, but at the end of the day, my husband treats me like a Queen everyday! He makes everyday my favorite; everyday is special that we spend together!

I was reminded last night that Valentine's Day is about celebrating those we love.  Not just romantically, but also friendship, true heart to heart relationships. As we celebrated an early Valentines day with our dear friends, celebrating our marriages, praying together, eating yummy chocolate fondu, and just enjoying fellowship with our like minded and like hearted... I couldn't help but also realize it's also about celebrating our relationship with Christ!  I woke up this morning with worship in my heart... literally.  As I was getting ready, praise songs were bubbling out of me.  Many would assume that this was me showing my reverence and love for my savior, but I saw it as the other way around.  God put those songs in my heart, to remind ME that on this day and every day, He loves me more than I could ever fathom or imagine!

I am blessed to have a heart that overflows with love, both given and received.  I have a gracious savior, who loves me abundantly, a husband who loves me beyond my understanding or merit, and friends and family who sprinkle me with love ongoing.  I am a blessed, blessed, BLESSED gal! ♥

And it's THURSDAY! So, that means I get to add to my neverending list of reasons why my husband is so amazing and loves me so unbelievably well!

48}  he knows all the words to "a devil went down to Georgia". I remember the first time I realized this.  We weren't dating at the time.  In fact, I believe I had only known him a couple years.  My jaw dropped.  Being a country gal, and loving CDB, when this OC boy started singing every line to one of my favorites... wow.

49}  he thinks i'm cute when i'm mad.  sure, sometimes this is infuriating.  but, true to my irish blood, i can have quite the temper, so its a blessing he thinks it's cute, haha!

50}  our conversations.  he shares his life with me, the good and the bad.

Why I Love My Husband


30 days of blogging, {day four}

list 5 things you would tell your 16-year old self, if you could.

  your parents know what is best for you. listen to them. if they think he isn't good enough for you, he's not. get over yourself.  your parents are stinking amazing & only have your best interest at heart.

no boy is worth your tears. you have much bigger and better things ahead of you.

enjoy this time of your life.  the careless, carefree, invincible feeling. in a year an a half, your world will shatter and your life will change forever.

forgive and forget. don't speak out of anger and don't ever put a boy in front of your friendships.

spend as much time with Casey as you can. Cherish it.  spend as much time with your Grandparents as you can. Cherish it. & take more pictures of these memories. you'll wish you had later!

& to my 16 year old self.  your adult life is pretty awesome.  you, eventually, learn what's important in life, and you grab a hold of it with both hands and don't let go.  you've finally figured out to learn from the past, not to live there.  enjoy life. make mistakes. it all turns out ok, great actually. no regrets!

don't ever grow up.  


30 days of blogging {day 3}

Day 3: Describe your relationship with your parents.

wow. my parents.  they are about the most amazing people you will ever meet! i consider them my rock, my compass, and my best friends. 

i could sit here and write a book on how they have continued to support me over and over... but i'll try to keep it brief.  

i grew up playing volleyball.  seriously, playing.  we are talking year round.  i started playing club ball when i was 11 and the year round playing didn't stop til the summer after my senior year. it was my dream, so they made it theirs.  taking me to practice several times a week, an hour away, traveling to tournaments anywhere from an hour away to 8+ hours away.  sacrificing our family easter every year so that i could be in New Orleans, playing in a huge invitational tournament.  they never complained. they never made me feel guilty.  they only thing they did make me feel... like i could do anything. i was following my dream and that seemed to be enough for them.  

as the possibility of playing in college approached, i found myself in major burn out mode! i didn't pursue it to the extent that i probably should have, but that didn't stop my club teammates from pursuing it for me.  as they went on tryouts and coaches asked them about a setter, the suggested me.  much to my disbelief my name started circulating... with no effort from me.  as coaches began to call me, i was less than excited. as a full-ride was offered to me, i turned it down without much thought.  as i walked away from it, the only regret was my parents.  i was scared what they might think, what they might feel.  after all, they had sacrificed so much for me to achieve a dream that i just decided i didn't want anymore.  the fear of disappointing them sank in. 

this marked a first memorable moment in my relationship with my parents, as an "adult".  they weren't mad or angry, at least they didn't show it.  they asked me questions, making sure this was the decision i wanted to make...to walk away from something that had a hold of me for so long, from the dream i had since i was a little girl.

this story pretty much sums up my relationship with them. they're always there for me. even during the times i disappoint them the most. the times i fall the farthest.  they have picked me up, dusted me off, and pointed me in the direction they know i want to go. that's the thing about family. they seem to always know the direction you want to go when you forget. 

i'm blessed to have grown up with parents who:

 told me they loved me several times a day. 

made sure i knew i could do anything i set my mind to.  

told me i was beautiful...inside and out. 

taught me how to be a lady with class and spunk. 

and most importantly... pointed me to Christ.

i owe a lot more than just my life to my parents.  i am who i am because of them & because of their love.  gratefulness just doesn't quite seem like enough.

love you momma & daddy! ♥


{this weekend i.... }

Good Morning! This morning I'm linking up with Syndal over at Synfully Delicious with a weekend recap! What a weekend! I have to say it was magnificent! 

Friday night, I came home to an amazing steak dinner, complete with twice baked potatoes and steamed broccoli! My husband spoils me so much!!! We then spent the rest of the evening in together, hanging out, playing a couple games, and just being together. I adore nights like that!!!

Saturday, I slept in then headed out to Starbucks with my Lilly-pup for a toffee nut and a puppy latte! Its slowly but surely become our Saturday morning tradition. ♥  We then stopped at the park so that Lilly could run some of that sugar out ;) She and I then stopped by our local thrift store... it was 99cent sweater day!... I was in heaven!!! chu-ching!

Saturday we had declared a stay home in comfy clothes and do nothing day! & that it was! We grabbed Pei-Wei take out for a late lunch early dinner, and cuddled up to watch Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer.  Yep.  I loved it! Fabulous movie.  Ok, yes, a bit ridiculous! But It combined history, vampires, and action/thriller.  What more could you ask for! There was even a love story in there, of course! 

Sunday brought a day of family fun! Rob bought a giant 3D dragon kite this past week, for Levi and I to share.  {he buys a lot of things for Levi and I to share... what can I say. Never grow up!} So we headed out on a cold, blustery, Sunday to fly a kite.

I then got to wrap up my evening last night with this little guy and his sister.  Rob had a friend over to watch the Grammy's, which I couldn't have cared less about... so I was more than happy to hang out with my favorite teeny-tinies, and eat mac-n-cheese and trees, popcorn, put our pj's on, and watch Madagascar in our big comfy bed! It was a cold snowy-evening... it was just a great way to wrap up the weekend!  When their mommy-dadda, came to pick them up, they were both sound asleep! Levi snuggled right up to a sleeping rob-rob.  seriously. the cutest thing ever. 

I woke up this morning to even more snow! It is gorgeous out!!! I'm so thankful that I have a mass oray of windows in front of me this morning! I'm enjoying the view and a nice relaxing Monday (knock on wood!).  

Have a great week everyone! ♥ xoxo


{30 Days of Blogging}

I saw this wonderful idea from the adorable blog, something about you n me ... different prompts for 30 days of blogging... So, I jumped in a day late, but since day one was 10 facts about you, and well, I linked up a couple weeks ago with a fun fact link up here, I figured I'd save y'all ♥

Today's prompt: Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and describe how they became fears.

Let me take you on a little journey to the past. I don't really like visiting the past... after all, we don't live there anymore. I used to be an extremely fearful person. I was scared of dying and practically of living. But when one gets shoved into life (i felt shoved, but in truth, I practically jumped into adulthood), So yep, at the ripe age of 20, I started growing up. Alone (emotionally). Let me also make sure you know, I have the most supportive family, EVER. hands down. but they were 9 hours away from me. all of them. Jump forward to year 26. I decided to be brave enough to live the life I wanted. Not only was I still spreading my wings and flying, I was half the nation away from my family at this time. So what's left to do, but lean on God, and make your own family. Done!

I learned that fear was something you have to look in the face. Look hard in the face. Say a prayer, and move forward.

I learned that no one was going to save me. I had to have the courage to save myself!

I learned that if I was scared, that probably meant that's what God wanted me to do.

I learned that some times we have to let people go to be healthy.

I learned that fear was never a good reason for not going after something I wanted.

I learned that many times you just have to grit your teeth and jump.

I learned to live.

I learned what true happiness was.

Now, I'm not going to pretend that there aren't a few things that still irrationally and not so irrationally terrify me. I am human after all. So, let's proceed.

1) Heights. I blame my Mom. I used to never be scared of heights!!! I'm not sure what happened. Age? Wisdom? or just silliness? We are talking palms sweaty, heart pounding, borderline anxiety attack scared. But... in typical me fashion, who cares!

Royal Gorge Bridge! Over 1050 feet high! GASP!

... yep. that. I walked across that. Twice!... just to prove to myself that I could! I don't think I'll go back anytime soon, but I'm glad I did it! I also declined going across the gorge in a little zipline tram. That was a little too much for me. At least when I'm walking across, I felt somewhat in control...hmmm. Maybe that's the root of this issue... Ha!!! I try to still push myself in this area, but let's be real. When you're feeling sweaty, and at risk of an anxiety attack, you gotta know where to draw the line.

2) Loosing my parents and siblings. They have been all I've known in my 30+ years. They have been the one constant. Will I know who I am when they are gone? I just lived through my Mom loosing both of her parents. She lost her brother a couple years ago. The sadness and loss is unfathomable. And today, as I'm writing this post, a childhood friend of mine's father passed away. As my heart breaks for her, the fear of loosing my own parents is magnified. I am fortunate enough to find peace in the fact that I will see my loved ones again one day. But death. It's unknown. But thankfully we serve an all knowing God.

3) Last, and definitely not least, loosing Rob. I hope and pray we are one of those couples who get to grow old together and die together, seconds a part. But this is also life. I fear loosing him at a young age. The love of my life. Gone. We have made provisions so that if this happens to either one of us, the other is well taken care of. But, no amount of money could mend the void of not having him around anymore. I cannot fathom, nor do I want to. I saw my Grandmother live without my Grandfather for almost 30 years. Sure she had a great life filled with friends and family. But I know she missed him dearly. Just the thought of it makes my heart ache!... so much so, I'm done thinking about it.


a welcomed interuption. ♥

As I started my busy day this morning, I thought, "oh my goodness, it's Thursday all ready... there's no way I have time to link up today!" (& also internally thought, you knew you would be busy, why didn't you schedule an entry!!!).  But, a blog I read yesterday popped into my head. How to Start a Small Kitchen Fire.  Amazing entry for us busy wives.  It was a great reminder to "{Stop} my whole world and {interrupt} my hectic schedule and important plans. To love on him".  

So here goes... my continuous, never ending list, of why my gorgeous husband is so wonderful. If you missed last week's list, you can find it here.

41} he gets gas for me.  he fills my car up with gas whenever its needed... i honestly can't remember the last time i pumped gas for myself!

42} he makes me proud to be his Mrs! 
43} he makes me happy when skies are grey.  seriously. he knows just what to say or do when I need it... and if he doesn't, he asks! 

44} he cleans our house.  i'm pretty sure i've used this one before. but come on... how great is a husband who cleans!!! 

45} even when he's frustrated or mad, he's so darn cute!

46} he's open to God's work in him.  how do I know this? because I see the amazing changes he makes on a daily to weekly to monthly basis!!! God is so good... and so is a man who obeys Him!

47} i can never get enough of him.  and he's ok with that ♥ he's my favorite person, and i just love being around him!

Why I Love My Husband


lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.

My Cup Overflows with Blessings. Psalms 23:5

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I believe i've made it clear that I am in no way a morning person.  But this was a whole new level. I was beyond grumpy.

Work. Stressful. Busy. Overwhelming. Yep, that helped. 

However, there's just something about thankfulness.  

Internally I looked, in the midst of my internal temper tantrum, and what did I find.


How can I keep from being thankful with a life like mine. 

My heart is filled with love. & there I'll remain.

All that I could think of was, my cup overflows with His blessings.


easy like Sunday Mornin'

aaaahhh, Sunday.  Yep, you guessed it.  Here I sit, coffee by my side, sun shining in our wonderful picture window, lilly girl at my feet... life is good.  This past week has been a great one!  Work was fairly smooth for both of us, pretty busy, but good!  We got to spend a lot of time with our favorite teeny-tinies, as their mom and dad were in Mexico this past week on vaca! We also got to spend lots of great time with Rob's mom, as she was here visiting to help out with the teenies.  I remain thankful that we are both healthy, happy, and enjoying this wonderful life together!

Yesterday I personally got the wonderful treat of hanging out with my mother-in-law, and my adorable niece and nephew (the teenies).  We watched Madagascar for about half an hour, while Kathy and I sipped on coffee and tea, while Blakely snoozed for a bit.  Then we headed out to the park down the street for some great time in the crisp sunshine!

Kathy then treated us to lunch at Outback (one of my favorite places!!!).  Then we headed back home, as it was nap time for the kiddos!  Rob met us there and we enjoyed a nice time relaxing and playing settlers! A perfect Saturday afternoon!

And now.... Sunday Social Link Up! 

Sunday Social

1. If you were stuck on an island what are the two material items you would want to have?
Since I don't think I can count Rob as a material item.... my iphone (covers phone, bible, pictures, computer everything!) & matches! 
2. What are two TV shows you'd watch over and over
Army Wives & Pretty Little Liars (gasp!)
3. If your house was on fire what two things aside from family, pets, etc would you grab?
laptop & my "treasures"...aka items passed down from my Grandparents. 
4. What are your two most favorite articles of clothing?
Ugg boots and Leggings
5. What two movies that you saw in the past year would you recommend to us?
The Hobbit & The Lucky One ♥
6. What are your two biggest guilty pleasures? 
Anything on ABC family... see #2, PLL is amazing! & sour cream and onion pringles... i don't buy them very often, because i eat them in like 5 min!

Have a great week everyone!!! xoxo