why i love my husband...

One of my favorite blogs I follow, Happy Wives Club, has started a "things I love about my husband" list, and asked other wives to "link up" ... what a great idea, huh?!
At first I thought, gosh, can I really put into writing things I love about my husband...but as I started I had a hard time limiting myself to just a few ♥

1) he loves God more than he loves me... And that's a lot.
2) he helps me to not take life or myself too seriously
3) when I'm struggling, he comforts me, but points me to the one true comforter
4) he does the dishes!!!
5) he's even weirder than I am. In fact, he might be the weirdest person I know.
6) he knows me better than I know myself... & I'm not just saying that.
7) he's my best friend.
8) he is such a hard worker... If they ask him to stay later at work he never hesitates. He does whatever it takes to provide for us and our future.
9) it's ok if our house is a mess, our pockets are empty, and we have frozen pizza for dinner. It's still romantic as long as we are together.
10) he is a lot better than I am at seeing the big picture.
11) he understands my need for space doesn't always mean physical space... "Go away!!... Wait, where are you going?!" ❤

Check out Happy Wives Club, and link up with us!!  We will all be adding to our lists often ♥


  1. I love that Mignon McLaughlin quote. Isn't it amazing how easily the list begins to grow once you start writing it? My husband gives me at least 5 new reasons every day and being able to keep track of them just makes me smile (and him too :)). Thanks for linking up with us, Carrie! Let's do it again next week :).

  2. Fawn, it really is!! Thanks for the great idea ♥ "see" you next Thursday :]