week in review...

We got back to Colorado this past week, just in time to say goodbye to our CA family... Mom & Dad Tisthammer and Grandma Nina.  We didn't get as much time with them as we would've liked (is any amount ever enough when we are 18hours apart?), but I feel like we got some good quality time in.  We both didn't have to be back at work until Wednesday, which was SO nice!
our sweet niece, Blakely Ann,
entertaining us as we wait for our turn to bowl. 
Wednesday came, and 'real life' started once again! Rob's schedule changed in the new year... HUGE answer to prayer.  He now works early mornings, allowing for us to have more time together and more time with our friends.  Thursday we celebrated a just-like-family member's birthday! Brian is our father in law- in- law ♥  We are so blessed to have him and Patty in our lives as family.  They always graciously include us in all family gatherings, filling us up with love an encouragement.  So we all headed out to the bowling alley for some good family fun, some yummy carrot cake, and well...bowling ♥
Friday evening we spent in with Matt and Leah, just hanging out and catching up, and of course playing pinochle!  The cards fell in favor of Rob and I, which is always fun... at least for us, HA! I was dealt the first triple pinochle of my life... in all the oh, 7 years since Robbie taught me to play at a Tisthammer family gathering.

Saturday rolled around, lending itself to relaxation, cleaning, and putting away Christmas decor.  Our house looks a little plain now...the magic of twinkle lights has now been put into storage until November.  My favorite Christmas mugs, however, remain among daily rotation bringing me Christmas cheer all year round. ♥
As we prepare for the week ahead, cinnamon rolls are in the oven and coffee is a brewin' as we get ready for a little Sunday breakfast together. And of course, more relaxation is scheduled for today as well as football and hang out time with family.  I have a semi-stressful week of work ahead of me, so I am attempting to fill my relaxation bank this weekend!

I leave you with a devotion on encouragement (http://www.proverbs31.org/devotions/god-waiting-2013-01/) I read this morning.  It was written by Wendy Blight, a speaker for the Proverbs 31 Ministry.  It encourages us to not get discouraged when we fall short of what we know God would like from us.  But we serve a God of grace, not a God of condemnation.  Take a second to read it, it will leave your heart full and encouraged.

"Dear Lord, help me not to neglect time Your Word. Create in me a hunger to carve out time to be with You. When I meet with You, through the power of Your Holy Spirit, open the eyes of my heart to understand the wonderful treasures tucked away in Your Word. Thank You that You are waiting for me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen."  

Have a great week everyone!!! ♥

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