Today was rough to say the least. There have been only a handful of days in my life that I just had to grit my teeth, bare it, and get through it. Today was one of those. But, there's always something to be thankful for, & I don't want to forget them.

• quiet strength.
• the quiet whisper of my tender loving God; when you hear it there is no mistaking
• family. I believe I have been blessed with the best.
• the love of a mother. the love of a daughter. the love of a sister. the love of a granddaughter. unmeasurable.
• my work. it provided me with the chance to get lost in laughter that helped me get through this day. not sure what I would've done without it today.
• how you can feel a void of a loss, even when it's miles away. a painful void but a souvenir of great love.
• my husband. he always knows just what I need. ❤

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