Wow, so last weekend, I was able to enjoy a laid back, peaceful weekend... flash-forward to this weekend!... Today, work- craziness  preparing for homeshow, new franchise prospect visiting, and just the day to day business of work.  After work, we will be swinging by happy hour with my coworkers to say good bye to Lauren...then head downtown to celebrate our wonderful Autumn Carton's birthday... whew, I'm tired already ;)  This weekend is also filled with homeshow fun for me...then it's back to work in the office on Monday.  Wait, TGIF? haha.  Someone get me a Rockstar Punch, ASAP!
Thanking God for this day, and in the midst of all of the hustle and bustle  He is there.  He has blessed us with amazing jobs, amazing coworkers, and amazing friends.  Without any of those, this weekend would be just another boring weekend.  I'm praying for rest in Him, for my husband and I today... after all, we hit the floor running at 4:30 these days...so we are depending on Him to rejuvenate us.

In other news, we are looking forward to having Rob's mom, Kathy, (aka, my super sweet mother in law) visit this week.  She flies in on Sunday night and will be here for a little over a week...if our messy house doesn't scare her away (see paragraphs above...our whole week has been like this!).  We always enjoy her visits and are always sad to see her go!

Happy Friday Everyone!!! ♥ Enjoy it... even the craziness!

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