more husband love... link up Thursday ♥

Last week I joined "link up Thursday" with tons of other happy wives, here! & I have to say, I couldn't wait for Thursday to roll around again! I am blessed with an amazing man and a very loving and fun marriage, so any excuse to talk about it and brag about my husband...I'm on it! ♥

12) this! & that alone is probably enough explanation for most married ladies.  this is him, not just on our wedding day, but every day. always reaching for my hand or kissing my forehead.

13) he shares my dreams.

14) he has to be at work 3 hours before i do but he tries his absolute hardest not to wake me up, although he never forgets to come kiss me and tell me goodbye and that he loves me every morning.

15) he ends every phone call with "i love you"

16) he's my rock.  my world was shaken a bit this week with the passing of my Granny.  he loved me through it.

17) he is usually home before i am in the evenings and always greets me with a hug and usually a yummy dinner! that man can cook!

18) he hates coffee.  its my oxygen, so he has learned how to make it the way i like it.

19) he brings me home a bouquet of buds because he knows i love watching them bloom!

20) his attraction to me makes me feel like i am the most beautiful person on this planet!

Really, I have been blessed with the most wonderful man! He's a great combination of goofball, nerd, hubba-hubba hunk, & of course man of God.  He is my perfect ♥

"i have found the one my soul loves." 
song of solomon 3:4

Why I Love My Husband


  1. I'm SO happy you joined the challenge because how beautiful your love story is to read about (or at least the love you have for your hubby...and it sounds like for very good reason). Thanks for linking up and giving me a reason to stop by and learn about your wonderful husband. Let's do it again next week :).

  2. aww, Thank you Fawn!!! And thank you for starting this awesome "link up"!!! Thursdays are now becoming one of my favorite days! ♥