Link Up Thursday...Why I love my Husband, the never ending list

Good Morning Happy Wives (& other readers too of course)! Thursday mornings really are becoming my favorite... because I get to "link up" with a ton of happy other wives as we brag and love on our amazing husbands! ... Yes there is actually a Happy Wives Club! Check out my past two link up's here and here.  I love doing this, a) because I love my husband and our marriage and talking about it brings me joy! & b) it makes me intentionally take note of every thing my hunka-husband does to love me...the big things and the little.

Why I Love My Husband

 So here goes, the never ending list....

21) he prays.  he's a man of prayer, for us, for me, and for our marriage.

22) he rubs my back. some days without asking, some days i ask...but no matter what he does it without hesitation.  i can't say i do the same.

23) he loves well.  i couldn't even tell you what my main love language is these days...because he hits them all!!

24) he watches the bachelor with me.  without complaining. we sit and laugh, make fun of the crazies, and root for the semi-normal ladies to find true love. its a silly show, and it provides us both a lot of entertainment.  but come on, how many husbands would do this without complaining ;)
25) he still dates me...a lotta years later, he still takes me out to dinner and to the movies... or we even have "date nights" in.

26) he chooses me.  day after day he chooses me; he chooses Us!

27) he laughs at me.  some days you just need that!

28) he still gives me butterflies.

29) & this.....

....he let's me hog the bed without complaint ♥

Happy Thursday Everyone... go love on your hubbies ♥


  1. What a cute post! My hubby is watching The Bachelor with me this time too and I totally get what you're saying. It is a silly show - not really the best way at all to find a spouse - but it's fun entertainment. The fact that our hubbies will watch with us, and even enjoy it, is awesome!

    1. Thank you :) :) it really is fun... And at heart I really hope the bachelor finds true love... I'm such a sucker, hahaha.

  2. Love your post! Especially #21 on your list. A Praying Man is what every marriage should have!

    1. Thank you :) & I totally agree!! Prayer is so powerful!! ❤

  3. Can I just say how much I love this font you're using?!? I seriously thought you were writing cursive and somehow uploaded it :). And I love your list even more. I am most definitely one of those happy wives and I love when my husband laughs at me (because you are so right, some days you just need that).

    1. Thank you Fawn :) I do too! I change my layout often, but the font I always keep the same! I just LOVE it! It's a blogger font, so nothing special or downloaded ♥
      Thank you again for starting this link up! It is one of my favorite things in the blogging world right now!!!