legacy of love, continued

This morning I have so many mixed emotions; they are pretty raw.  A couple of hours ago, my sweet Granny's prayers were answered; she joined my Papaw in paradise.  Although, my heart selfishly is broken, I can't help but rejoice for them, as they were reunited this morning.  Granny has prayed, for as long as I can remember, that God would take them together at the same time.  So, its no surprise that when this didn't happen, she has been ready to go "home" since May; 8 months later, she joined Pap this morning.

I don't know much of their journey or their love story in the beginning, but I do know what they showed us over my 30 years as well as what they have left us.  I never saw my Granny upset with my Papaw, or vice-versa.  They always showed each other respect and love.  August 2012 marked 65 years of marriage. They were always together, truly bestfriends. The example they set for us all of a Christ centered marriage and family continues to bless my own marriage today. A lot that I know of life is thanks to my Papaw and Granny... After all, they raised my amazing mother. They enjoyed life, worked hard, and loved greater. And at the end of the day, that's the good life. My Granny loved God, My Papaw, and our family with her whole heart. She lived and loved to the fullest!

Granny was such a classy lady, but that didn't stop her from putting on her barn boots and headin' out to help my Pap with the farm. She taught me that you could be both... A lady & a tomboy; that it was ok to get dirty and work hard and then wear jewelry and heels.

As a kid, I would bring her everything from rocks with fossils to bottle caps to who knows what other junky treasure I'd find... She always kept them all, right on her window ledge above her kitchen sink. She had a way of making me feel so very special. ❤

a few things i don't want to ever forget:
• i have her hands
• i have her spunk
• she is a big reason i love animals so much. she taught me how to take care of litters of animals, even at a young age.
• sweet tea
RINGS! and jewelry in general
• sitting and rocking with her in her chair
• Young and the Restless
• Beans and Mac n Cheese
• painting her nails.
• playing piano by ear
• the blue car with the soft blue seats, sitting between her and Papaw
• Easter.
• pumpkin pie
• the perfect combination of country and lady!
• the way she called my dad, "Stratton"
• the endless fun smelly soaps in her bathroom, as well as the fancy mirror and perfumes.
•all of her shoes!!!

 I'm sure I'll be adding to this list over the next few days as memories flood... so thankful for good memories.  And unbelievably thankful that God blessed me with such amazing Grandparents for 30+ years!...not very many are so lucky! What an amazing legacy they have left ♥


  1. Carrie, I just now read this and am amazed at the identical impression of Granny that we have. When I posted about her "living and loving" I had no idea you'd blogged this. We are truly blessed to have had the examples of Granny and Pap in our lives. Love you Sis!

  2. I agree Sis!!! She was and will always be so special!!! ❤ Love you!!