A new saving grace...

I'm pretty much a serial pinner.  I love pinterest because I can dream, read, expand my mind a little, stumble up on new quotes (an addiction of mine).  I could probably count the number of times I've actually put any of it into practice on one hand, recipes aside of course.  BUT, today... I had a challenge in front of me.  Let me back up a bit to last night, as my sweet wonderful husband was warming us up leftovers for dinner... leading to this morning as I open our microwave in HORROR!!! Lasagna... splattered... EVERYWHERE.

Time to put into practice something that I had seen on pinterest... GASP! See the pin here! The person who had pinned this had mentioned microwaving for 10 minutes, so I did...but be careful, it will be HOT!  The remanents of a once scrumptious lasagna wiped right off the walls, ceiling, door, and bottom of the microwave.  The turntable I ended up taking out and cleaning already, so not sure how effective it would have been on that.  I was amazed!!! These tips really work?! Apparently so ;)

So if you ever have a similar explosion or just a dirty microwave, give some vinegar and water a try!

Now that I have a clean microwave, its time to start preparing for friends to come over and watch the Broncos whoop up on  the Ravens! Happy Saturday, Everyone!

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